Nukuoro Language

The Nukuoro Language

The Nukuoro language is spoken by Johnny Rudolph from the Nukuoro Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia. Fifteen participants of the workshop represented eight indigenous language communities: Bible and hymnal used in the services on Nukuoro are in Ponapean, otherwise the Nukuoro language is used exclusively on the atoll. It' closely related to the Nukuoro language. You can use the faceted search to find resources for the Nukuoro language.

The Kapingamarangi language and pronunciation

Cape Verde is a Polish language used by about 3,000 Polynesians on the Kapingamarangi Alm and in the Federated States of Micronesia in Poohnrakied on the Pohnpei Isle. It' the Nukuoro language. The first mention of Kapingamarangi was in 1557 by Hernando de Grigalvan, a Spaniard. The Kapingamarangi is used in the church, in school, in church and in literary works. c, f, y, q, v, x, y, z are only used in loan words and in international name.

Damana Delta i di i?di lang, do engoo gi i?di, do Heenua King ?mai Damana Delta i di i di lang, do engoo gi i di, do Heenua King ?mai Damana Delta i di i di lang, do engoo gi i di, do Heenua King mai Damana Delta i di i di lang, do engoo gi i di, do Heenua King i di, do Heenua King gi i?di i henuai, do mai Diy. Galaamai maggia meegay gi Gimadou dangi?nei. e?dumaalia la ginella ala gi?nia gi?nia la gi la ginella gii?hai gii?hai gimaadou gi naadou. Épilogue è Épilogue è ápilogue èpilogue èpilogue.

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translational memory and

This is the English Nukuoro glossary. Enter the words or phrases you wish to tick in the text field on the right. Not only do we offer English-Nukuoro glossaries, but also free on-line language guides for all available language combinations. Visit our homepage to select from the available language versions. It is known as a translator's TM and is very useful for the translator.

You can see not only the meaning of the words, but also how they are phrased. Most of our memory comes from human-made bodies in tandem. This kind of translations are a very useful supplement to lexicons. Please help us create the biggest English Nukuoro glossary available now. Just login and enter a new text.

This makes our English Nukuoro English Nukuoro lexicon a reality, as it is written by mother-tongue translators who use English for everyday use. And you can be sure that any errors in the glossary will be quickly corrected so that you can count on our work. There will be tens of millions of people who will be thankful.

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