Waiheke Island Itinerary

The Waiheke Island Itinerary

You can enjoy your own vehicle and driver to explore Waiheke Island. The Bay of Islands, Waiheke Island. The Waiheke Island Tours with Love My New Zealand and Julie Biuso. Overnight Stay / Itinerary Waiheke Island Tour. It is the best you can do on New Zealand's North Island.

Drive to Waiheke Island, a place with clean sand and palms, great wines and relaxing just 35 min from the city.

Drive to Waiheke Island, a place with clean sand and palms, great wines and relaxing just 35 min from the city. Use the Waiheke Island Travel Planner to find travel advice, other sights, reviews and tourism information. Coming from Saudi Arabia, the nearest large Auckland International is Auckland.

Await a day high of 22°C in January and nightly lows of 22°C. Let experts advise you where to sleep in Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island Paradise VIP New Zealand Tours

WANTWORLD ISLAND was chosen by Lonely Planet as "No 5 Destination in the World". At 8:25 a.m. you will see Phil at the Downtown Ferry Terminal, where you will be given a welcome package: sparkling waters, sampling tips, information material and a complete itinerary. Phillipp will go through your Waiheke Winetour and all your queries.

Afterwards, unwind and take a 35-minute Waiheke Quick Cat ferry ride over Auckland's stunning Waitemata Harbour. On the island, cruise on Phil's first-class Waiheke vineyard to sample some of the best Waiheke grapes. Celebrate a personal mini-tasting of our Wein & Essen Mix. Noon break (not contained in the price of the tour).

Breathtaking coastline and the relaxing ambience of New Zealand's own treasure island with wines and dishes. Eventually take the 3 pm boat for a relaxing drive back to the shore. This is a private tour to an exquisite island of boutiques. At 8.25 a.m. you will see Phil at the terminal, where you will get a welcome information package.

Unwind and take a 35-minute ferry trip across Auckland's stunning port overlooking the Golf Isles and the city. Philli-will go over your itinerary and give answers to all your quest-- Tasting our three Waiheke vineyard sites. Waiheke, New Zealand's own treasure island for gastronomy and fine dining, has been named the'5th best island in the world' by Lonely Planet.

The Mudbrick Estate offers 15 tastings. This is a premium degustation of our own Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Syrah and red'meritage' mixes. Private Peacock Sky VIP 15 VIP tastings with everyday dinner games. Lunchtime ( (not part of the price of the tour). Thirty Third Winetasting. 3rd 00 A pleasant and scenically delightful drive back to the city by boat.

You can meet at the Botswana Butchery Restuarant - Ferry Building, by the water, Auckland City. The Ferry Building, by the water, Auckland City. I am your kind travel companion with 17 years of leading Auckland trips. I' ve been running Auckland Fine Wine & Food by Auckland since 2000 and am a certificated guidebook for cars.

on your tour: Ferry Waiheke ferry ticket and Iceland carpool. And my own suggestions for dining and activity in Auckland City (if desired). Tasting at the Peacock Sky Winery. Including 15% visitor's taxes. I do not include lunch, but I can take you to a prestigious 5-star Mudbrick eatery or a bistro.

{\a6} (main, pages, jar of vine, tea/coffee). IMPORTANT: Your trip is to a certain extent adaptable. However, in order to prevent bottlenecks and delay, I have meticulously designed a itinerary that works very well within the allotted time. To give you the best possible V.I.P. in Auckland, please keep in mind that changes in itinerary can cause delay and miss some of Auckland's highlights.

A great personal guided walk through the Waiheke Island vineyards. and an enchanting and competent leader. We took in all the detail, from boat trips to wine cellar trips for the four of us. At the Mudbrick Estate, luncheon was a high point of the trip. I would definitely be recommending his trip. Itineraries by Phil P. See more of the routes this book offers.

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