Visit new Zealand North Island

Come and visit the North Island of New Zealand

unforgettable 11 adventures on the North Island Consider some of these fantastic rides on your North Island route and your journey will be filled to the rim with all the sparkling bit in between. Cruise, sailing or kayaking around the many easily accessible islets, from the legendary Vulkan Ranitoto with its main peak vistas to the Tiritiri Matangi Birds Reserve and the compliant Waiheke Island with its good wines and cuisine.

You' re the magistrate on this voyage up and over two volcanos in the area of The Lord of the Rings. Surrounded by storagmites, storactites and glowworm galleries, this stunning labyrinth of chalk caverns can be discovered on a led hike or boating expedition or an exciting black water river cruise through underground waters.

Only a few roads are as magic as the Twin Coast Highway of Northland, which runs through a apparently never-ending process of lovely sandy shores and ports and reaches Cape Reinga's isolated extremity. Mutter Natur offers a particularly sparkling show along this section of the Coromandel Coast, bordered by gold sandy shores and magnificent chalk crags.

Cathedral Cove with its magnificent arc is an indispensable vantage point and a good pretext for bushwalking, kayaking or sightseeing. Auckland' s wilder western coastline is a cosmopolitan place with pristine sandy shores, mythical wave formations, jagged rock formations and classical kiwi beachside cultures. Step into the wave, hike, observe the fauna and cascades or just unwind on breathtaking sandy shores like Muriwai, Karekare and the Piha windsurf spot with its famous lion rock.

Blistering sludge, yolk sulfur occurrences, air holes screaming with waters that carry ocular fluids, and a scary sea of steamy acids... Certainly people could never have lived in this strange place? You will want to keep your open for this - the memorable free fall into one of the most spectacular skydiving zones in the worlds. Bungee jump, parasail, Jetboating and white waterraft are just some of the other fun things you can do.

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