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The One Island South is a first class Grade-A property in an elegant and pleasant setting on the south side of the island. One overview - one earthquake, two minutes, many challenges. Find out why you can still take advantage of a Christchurch offer such as top restaurants or activities in Christchurch today! With a view of one of New Zealand's largest lakes; the low situated Distinction is charming.

Kaik?ura Seismic Aid | NZ Transport Agency

In New Zealand, the devastation of the Main North Line and SH1 along the South Island eastern seaboard was unparalleled. North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery Alliance was formed to rebuild the roads and rails network. Shortly after 12:00 a.m. on November 14, 2016, most of New Zealand awakened from a 7.8-gigth quake that rocked the South Island about 60 km southwest of the seaside city of Kaik?ura.

In New Zealand, the 2016 quake produced the highest soil accelerations (external link) ever registered and extensive damages in the South Island areas of Hurunui, Marlborough and Kaik?ura, blocking both State Highway 1 (SH1) and the Main North Line between Picton and Christchurch. Nearly one million m3 of rocks and materials fell on the coast traffic route, isolating Kaik?ura and the neighbouring countryside municipalities - all streets and the track system in and out of the area were destroyed and shut down by the slides.

A year, a week, a year after an quake that transformed the life of so many has been an honor and a privilege to return their street, SH1, both just south of Kaik?ura, to the locals and the travelling population. We' ve given a great deal of thought to what is necessary to enable the reconstruction and re-commissioning of the railways, the port and the roads after the Kaik?ura.

Whilst the last attempt to open SH1 just off Kaik?ura - a landmark reached in December 2017 - was amazing, 2017 was indeed a whole year of efforts by so many in number. Over 1700 individuals from all over New Zealand and the rest of the globe came together to renovate and maintain the coast and land transportation network.

A lot of intruders have asked us what SH1 will actually look like when it is open - we have all seen the destruction wreaked by the quake and followed the unbelievable advance, but our inquisitiveness knows no limits. So, we made a flight through the corridors between Oaro in the south and Clarence in the north to take you there in a virtual way!

You' ll see where the street snakes and snakes through open spaces and where our Stop/Go team waves you through areas where there is only one way through. North Canterbury Transport Infrastructures Recovery (NCTIR) was established by the federal administration in December 2016 to rebuild the infrastructures between Picton and Christchurch that had been affected by the cataclysm.

The NCTIR is an association between NZ Transport Agency, KiwiRail, Downer, Fulton Hogan, HEB Construction and Higgins. Earthquakes caused the highest soil accelerations (external link) ever registered in New Zealand, with extensive losses in the Hurunui, Marlborough and Kaik?ura wards. State Highway 1, the Main North Line and the Kaik?ura harbor are unparalleled in terms of extent and sophistication.

NCTIR's work involves the repair and reconstruction of transportation systems to make them more robust, safe and to help keep everyone better interconnected in the years to come. Main North Line is now back in operation and cargo traffic resumed at midSeptember 2017 in a restricted nighttime slot so that the conversion of roads and railways can be continued during the course of the year.

The State Highway one was re-opened on December 15, 2017, a year, a month in the aftermath of the disastrous quake. The work to restore the street to the state before the quake and to implement the government's $231 million improvement plan will continue. For more information on the re-opening of the street. The work is still in progress along the coast line.

For the latest information, you can subscribe (external link) to get the latest bulletin update - or click here. As many as 1,700 individuals from 350 organizations across New Zealand and around the globe have contributed to the restoration of the coastal transportation route of Kaik?ura Wherever possible, we are committed to supporting local communities, and around 100 employees work in our offices at Kaik?ura

For more information about the salvage operations to the south and south of Kaik?ura, please call the NCTIR at 0800 628 4737 or Kaik?ura If you are interested in employment possibilities, please send an e-mail to your local mobile phone or visit our LinkedIn page (external link).

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