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Maps to Samoa - 2 ways by airplane, ferry Which is the most convenient way from Hawaii to Samoa? From Hawaii to Samoa the best way is the flight, which is 330? - 900?. Which is the easiest way from Hawaii to Samoa?

From Hawaii to Samoa, the best way is by plane, which lasts 8 hours and 30 minutes.

So how far is it from Hawaii to Samoa? Hawaii-Samoa is 4189 km away. So how long does it take from Hawaii to Samoa? The journey from Hawaii to Samoa lasts approx. 10h41min. incl. transfer. Which enterprises provide service between Hawaii, USA and Samoa?

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Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Hawaii to Samoa.

Schöne Savaii - Travelling Advice

Savai'i is the rough archipelago adventure full of unfamiliar treasure and delicacies, nowhere in the Pacific is there a cascade for the days when you can hold a bomb contest with the indigenous children at a rural pool, where you can stop to see the huge expanses of water and end up drinking some of the locals' utensils full of heat.

  • Call and reserve your ferry and arrive at least 1 minute before the ferry departure to get in line for the ferry. TIP The shop in Tuasivi has GREAT BAKERIE groceries - rolls, crisp rolls, muffins, and a little of everything you need on vacation.
  • There are filling up points in Salelologa / Lalomalava / Lalomalava / Maneaula / Asau and one on the east cost. There' have been days when the Mana Base has run out, so if you go to Asau or around the Isle, it's probably safe to return to Soleaula to refuel rather than try to make it to Asau when you run out of fuel.
  • Savai'i's best experiences are the best, so don't be afraid to be among yourself and ask for an impu iva at the top of the makeup and playing a Mu match - it's like the local'streetfighter' Samoan check, hysterical and the locals abilities and slangs with this is the next one.
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