Bora Bora Island Attractions

Isle of Bora Bora Attractions

The best you can do in Bora Bora. Sights in Bora Bora. This is the only beach open to the public that is a jewel on the island of Bora Bora. Get the most out of your time on Bora Bora by combining a jet ski tour with a full day shark and ray boat safari with the island's most popular attractions. PARTICIPATIONS / Activities & Attractions.

Bora Bora activites

Get the most out of your Bora Bora days by taking a jet ski trip with a full days sharks and rays liveaboard with the island's most famous attractions. You will enjoy stunning vistas of the Polynesian paradise when you are on your jet ski with an expert instructor.

Fill up at the legendary Bloody Mary's before taking a cruise to see shark, stingray and a variety of tropic game. Explore the Bora Bora Bora's nature and cultural heritage on a half-day trip with an expert Bora Bora guides. Circumnavigate the island and make several stopovers to enjoy breathtaking scenery from East Matira, Faanui Canon and Amanahune Bay.

See the artefacts of WWII and listen to the island's story on a relaxed trip with a wealth of postcards of perfectly photo-ops. Let yourself be spoiled by Bora Bora's beautiful nature and cordial friendliness on a snorkelling trip in small groups. You will go to the best snorkelling and swimming sites in an marine environment with sting rays, black tip shark and colourful fishe.

A great choice for couple on a romantically relaxing vacation, this small group trip is restricted to 12 persons and allows a more personal experiance with your professional guides. Drive with an adventurous guidebook through the blue lagoon of Bora Bora Bora Bora. Enjoy the thrill of adrenalin as you travel in hot water and enjoy the rough hillsides of Mount Otemanu, the luxuriant green and crystalline water of this Polynesian paradise.

Included in your trip is a brief stop for a swim and a demo of the shells, along with a variety of postcards of perfectly photographed coconuts. Experience the best of Bora Bora Bora by road and lake with a combined favourite itinerary including a matutinal trip across the island and an afternoons boating trip.

Circumnavigate the four-wheel drive island and enjoy the magnificent view of exotic tropic heaven from a number of breathtaking vantage points. In the afternoon, you will board a small ship to explore the beautiful marine life and approach the sting rays, shark, fishes, and cayenne. Bora Bora by road and the seaside is full of amazing photos!

Begin a four-wheel drive with an open-air liveaboard lorry circumnavigating the volcano island and halting at several viewpoints. At Bloody Mary's, after dinner, take a trip by sea over one of the world' s largest corals and snorkeling areas to see sting rays and blacktip shark. At the end of the morning, have a cup of champagne as you watch the sunset in the South Pacific as it disappears into the skyline on Bora Bora Laguna.

Unwind and let the soft ocean lull you as the sky changes from bluish green and teal to pink, violet and more.... Start this star-watching Polynesia trip with a ship ride at sundown and a little champagne.

It is offered in a small group of no more than twelve persons. Bora Bora by road and lake is a combination trip full of amazing photographic op! Begin a four-wheel drive with an open-air liveaboard lorry circumnavigating the volcano island and halting at several viewpoints.

At Bloody Mary's after luncheon, choose a singles or doubleski and ride through Polynesian paradise with an expert instructor. Have a 4-hour angling excursion to the most beautiful angling places in the blue Bora Bora water. This is a cruise suited for both seasoned and novice fishers and offers the know-how of a native master who has been angling in these waters for years.

Select either saltwater or saltwater angling, according to your interests. The small group excursion, restricted to two persons for the ocean voyage or four persons for the excursion to the lagoons, guarantees an individual one.

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