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" SAVE NOW" Paul Gauguin Cruises - Society Islands. The Tahiti & Society Islands Cruise. The third guest is only on cruise; air and taxes are additional. The Cruise Ships of Paul Gauguin Tahiti & Society Islands Cruise, Cruise Ships: reports, pictures, videos, map and description.

This South Sea cruise explores Fakarava, the beautiful Marquesas and the Society Islands, including the small but spectacular Moorea and Bora Bora.

Looking back at Paul Gauguin

We made a well-deserved outing aboard the Paul Gauguin. We have a 7-night cruise that suits our full schedule, but we have chosen a slightly longer 11-night cruise because we haven't had a holiday for some considerable amount of us and wanted to enjoy the leisure with our families and relax seriously.

I was flattened when we found Paul Gauguin and saw that everything was inclusive (except optionals and spas ) when I saw that the price was inclusive from LAX. It is not funny when you end up on your cruise that you pay a minimum amount and you have a laughable bill for your kids sodium carbonate.

Thus Paul Gauguin emerged as the clear victor. A very warm welcome from our unbelievable Cruise Director Michael Shapiro and the group of female escorts on the boat called Gauguines. Vessel in general: It is easy to navigate after exploring the boat during the first one. What I liked was the lay-out, the clear orientation and the fact that the boat is big enough to have the feeling of being substantive, but not so big that you get astray.

It turned out that all he needed was a Dramamine the first of the nights, then he was all right for the remainder of the cruise. A NUTRITION: Our first lunch there was supper and it was fantastic. And then we rounded it off with tasty deserts and the best capuccino I've ever had in my Iife. (I had one every saturday.).

CAUTION: Do not go on this cruise with any other anticipation that will then win 5+ pounds. This is fantastic dinner! Other favourites were Chicken Stir-Fry, Greek Lamb, Beef Wellington, Lobster in tomatian vanilla custard and the best vanilla creme brulee and cheesecake. In fact, my mother, who is a diabetes sufferer, gets deserts every single day because there is always a sugar-free one!

I' ll also say that the beverages are free and inclusive. However, the people on this boat are all really jolly and helpful without feeling they have to work. In fact, they put on a show for us that was probably my favourite show of the whole cruise.

So we went down to get our snorkeling equipment, which we borrowed during the whole cruise. Windsurfing and kayaking are possible at the back of the boat (if the stabilisers are not switched on in bad weather). I was curious and went to the diving console the first evening to talk to the diving instructor Laurent.

He was very nervous and impassioned when I explained my interest to him and taught me what he knew, we immediately became good buddies and it didn't felt like I was going to be alone on my adventure. There were about 10 of us (both new and old divers) who learnt the fundamentals and had our swimming lessons.

It felt absolutely secure all the while and it came quite natural with the help of Laurent and Thierry, the other diving instructor. Divemount 1 Bora Bora Lagoon: He just smiles and says to breath (and gives the signal for "breathe" that we had learnt in class).

Only three of us were on the first dives and we went in with Thierry while Laurent remained on the top of the submersible to look outside. Thérry was as astonishing a leader and instructor as Laurent, tolerant and friendly. I' ve listened to terrible tales from my buddies, how they learnt to scuba diving and how brief and vague their coaches were.

Thanking my happy star for the Gauguin diving crew. So we discovered the bottom of the Laguna at 20 feet and saw so many astonishing things! Divemount 2 Moorea Shark Gallery: That was one of the most astonishing experience of my whole lifetime.

The children felt at home and made them talk to each other by making toys and hands. Children and adults learnt so much about Polynesia above and below the sea, cultural, anthropological and environmental issues, and it felt like our own small group.

There' always some kind of show with the Cruise Director and the Gauguines. I had the best moment to be able to dance with my 15-year-old all-nighter. It' s a nightclub feeling, but I didn't have to be worried about smuggling her in or ministering to her because they knew how old she was.

There''s a blackjack tournament at the casino every evening that sounds so funny! Since everything was inclusive and paid only for trips and spas, it was minimum. So, we are planing another cruise with them in 2013! Taha'a (Motu Mahana Private Island) - That was probably my favourite time.

Everybody wanted to get over to this privately owned isle!

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