Expeditions Maui Lanai

Maui Lanai Expeditions

Lahaina Lanai Ferry Expeditions offers an affordable service between Maui and Lanai, five times daily, every day! Maui Ferry to Lanai One Way Expeditions Ticket Book a one-way ticket for the expedition ferry here! If you want to visit Lanai Island on a trip from Maui, the ferry service "Expeditions" will be your trip there and back. Train with Expeditions Sporting Clays on holiday in Maui. From Maui, take the ferry and shoot clay pigeons on an exclusive property.

Over expeditions Maui - Lanai Ferry

EXPEDITIONS has been offering the most dependable and economical transport between the Maui and Lana'i Island for over 27 years. Locals and tourists are enjoying their brief voyage across the Auau Canal on board expeditions on high-speed ships that have been approved by the United States Coast Guard. Onboard expeditions you will be able to admire breathtaking vistas of Maui County, which includes the Maui, Lana`i, Moloka`i and Kaho`olawe islets.

You can even see the great island of Hawaii on clear days, and during the summer months (January - April) you will admire the incredible number of humpback cetaceans with whom we divide the sea during our trip. Excursions also help you organize your days or nights on Lana`i and offer you an exlusive selection of "Explore Lana`i" packs with rental jeeps, and more!

Expeditions: Maui - Lanai Ferry

Expeditions, the Lahaina-Lanai ferry, offers an economical daily five daily ferry between Maui and Lanai! Deals are for one days mastery gulf, luxurious accommodation, pick up jeeps, 4X4 trekker tours, archery, Sporting Clays.g days in the worlds premier Lana'i Pine Sporting Clay and archery area; and book a day trip on your own if you want to discover the city!

EXPEDITIONS prides itself on ensuring secure and economic transport between the island, with ships specially developed to cruise Hawaii' seas, experienced masters and crews and a fare that has not change for over a decennium!

Expedition Ferry Maui-Lanai One-Way Tickets

Looking for a fast, simple and cheap way from Maui to Lanai? You can book a one-way-seat for the expedition-boat! Expeditions has been offering dependable and cheap ferries between the Maui and Lanai Island for over 25 years. from Maui to Lanai Ferry: There are daily sailings from Lahaina Harbor, Maui at:

Maui from Lanai: There are daily sailings from Manele Harbor, Lanai at: In Maui, the Lahaina port boat leaves directly opposite the Pioneer Inn View Map. At Lanai the boat leaves from Manele harbour. Showcase your used part of the boat when you get off to get a reduced fare of about $5-6 for the night, according to when you depart.

The free luggage is 2 normal cases and 1 small hand luggage per person. Extra luggage may be permitted at the master's option. In case extra luggage is permitted, the customer must contribute an overcharge. There is a car park at the port of Lahaina behind the Wharf Cinema Center.

Keep your section of the shuttle tickets for a rebate. Expedition Island: Capacity: 25 Equipment:

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