Rangiroa Island Map

Map of Rangiroa Island

Staying in Rangiroa and explore the beautiful turquoise and green lagoon, one of the best dive sites in the world. Maps of hotels in the Rangiroa area: The Sauvage Private Island (Avea Rahi Motu). The Tuamotu Atoll's largest, Rangiroa is a famous South Pacific diving paradise. Rangiroa Interactive World Cruise Map.

RangiroaÂ? Å? comprises about 415 moto², small islands and sandbanks with a surface area of about 170km².

RangiroaÂ? Å? comprises about 415 moto², small islands and sandbanks with a population of about 170km². It has a shallow elliptical form with a length of 80 km and a width of 5 to 32 km. It has a maximal deepness of 35m and an area of 1446km².

There are only two permanent populated islets at the north end of the tunnel. In 2007 the overall inhabitant of the Rangiroa tunnel was 2,473. Its most important towns are Avatoru, Tiputa, Ohutu, Taeo'o, Fenuaroa, Otepipi and Tevaro. The clear waters of the Rangiroa Laguna and the extraordinary variety of sea life make Rangiroa an important dive area.

Some of the most visited dive spots are the Blue Lagoon, the Avatoru Passport, the Tiputa Passport and Les Sables Roses ("The Pink Sands").

Rangiroa and Rangiroa - Rangiroa travel guide, map, resorts, activities and diving holidays

The Tuamotu Archipelago is the biggest set of Korallenatollen, of which Rangiroa is the one. Rangiroa, the second biggest igloo in the hemisphere, has an unbelievably large bay of unparalleled colour and sheen. Rangiroa is emulating a huge string of pearls from the skies, gently placed on the untouched Pacific Ocean.

This is a chain of 240 small islands spread over more than 110 nautical mile. This remote moto encloses and protects the endless depths of the Laguna of the Atoll. 42-mile long and 16-mile broad, its laguna is so big that the whole of Tahiti, the major island, could be in.

Rangiroa is known beyond its greatness for its world-class scuba and snorkelling and deep-sea caving. The huge archipelago of aquariums is home to an amazing diversity of aquatic species and an excellent choice of divesites. Avatoru Pass is home to some of the most exciting dives in the whole wide range and is the perfect place for spotting dolphins.

Whilst the major tourist attractions are certainly the Laguna, Rangiroa provides pleasant adventures on shore to supplement the many aquatic pursuits. Along its streets there are wonderful core cherries, picturesque locals and small businesses worth a stop. And, unlike the ascending luxuriant summits that are typical of many of the other Tahitias, these minute motus are no more than a meter high.

The shallow site offers a great chance to stay on a thin stretch of island and see both the Laguna on one side and the wide sea on the other. Whatever attracts you to Rangiroa, you will find an esteem for the natural environment as profound as its water.

The many Polynesian Isles used to form a seabed of seafood. Maui, the Lord, had the plan of collecting these pelagic and processing them into a single plot of ground, so he and his brethren went out in their jib raft to do the job.

By a miracle he catched many sharks; until Tahiti came to the sea and his brethren woke up and shouted: "This is not a sea, this is an island." This is why the Polynesian Isles are scattered over such a large area of sea.

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