Driving South Island new Zealand

Riding on the South Island New Zealand

South Island of New Zealand, known by many as'Paradise on Earth'. One week on the South Island will be a week full of action. In June and July my husband, two children and I will take a self-drive tour through the South Island. We' re thinking of going from Arthurs Pass to Queenstown and spending the night somewhere. The New Zealand tour offers experiences selected by Audley's New Zealand specialists to inspire ideas for a tailor-made holiday.

Best advice for your New Zealand South Island tour!

Lovin' New Zealand. I' m only spending two and a half week on the South Island of New Zealand, but I've seen so much, seen so much and done so much that I still can't believe it. Writing down my best advice and suggestions for your next South Island visit to New Zealand will not be an straightforward job without saying the words fantastically, superbly, incredibly, breathtakingly, fantastically and impressively too much, but I will try.

These are my best hints and suggestions for your next Roadtrip to the South Island of New Zealand! Updated: We have released our travel guide with many voucher code to help you get rid of your New Zealand campervans and adventures for less than $100 - now for a great Deal! It is a good suggestion to begin in Christchurch, as most major airline companies are flying there.

Situated in the centre of Christchurch on the east side of the South Island, you can begin your journey from here. Remember that Christchurch was struck by a major earthquake a few years ago, which devastated most of the downtown area. I was really stunned, to be truthful, because I didn't anticipate Christchurch to be so upset.

I' ve had a conversation with some Christchurch folks and what I really like is that they are all very excited and hopeful about the new town! Although Christchurch seems almost extinct at first glance, something is still happening and the town has begun to move again.

For your convenience, here are my best suggestions where you can dine and drink a cup of tea in Christchurch if you plan to spend a few nights there at the beginning or end of your journey, as we did: Situated in the very centre of Christchurch, this café looks like nothing is going to happen because most of the surrounding building is in ruins, but it's a really, really great place!

When you come to New Zealand, you must eaten sheep! I try to go to at least one burgers' square in every town we live in. The Burgerfuel in Christchurch was a necklace I knew from my brief trip to Dubai last year. Christchurch has many accommodations to provide despite the adverse effects of the quake.

Christchurch has many motel locations, but the town is also home to some really beautiful fashion boutiques. It is well located near Hagley Park and about 10 min walk from the town centre. The most important thing when you plan your journey through New Zealand's South Island is to choose a good motorhome.

After contacting several rental companies, we already knew what to consider when selecting a motorhome as we were travelling in Australia for six whole week before we came to New Zealand. Find out which makes have the best rates for a campervan in Christchurch! There is so much to see and do on New Zealand's South Island that it is quite hard to choose where to go, where to go and where to sojourn.

It took us two and a half week and we chose to jump over the southernmost part of the island and take a journey through the interior to the western shore, then northwards and back to Christchurch on the island's eastern part.

In this way we have seen many of the island's varied scenery and had enough quality to enjoy its breathtaking scenery! 100% Pure New Zealand's website has some great advice and routes where you can get a good picture of what you can do and see, and how much travel planning you need.

From Christchurch we began our journey from the western direction to Lake Tekapo on the scenically attractive domestic itinerary. The itinerary is about 280 km long and you should allow at least 4 hrs for the journey, as you will definitely stop several places to take photos and admire the unbelievable view! Even if it is hard to keep up with this, always try not to get too much of a chance, because you risk serious crashes and a road accident - no joke!

When you get to Tekapo it is a good time to just get out of your vehicle and head out to the lakes. Next day you can decide on one of the many hiking trails around the Tekapo but I would suggest you go either on foot or by road to Mount John.

Up there you have an unbelievable view of Lake Tekapo and its small town, Lake Alexandrina and the huge Mount Cook - simply breathtaking! We left Lake Tekapo for Wanaka, past Lake Pukaki and the Lindis Pass. It is about 220 km long and should take about 3 h.

Shortly before you enter the small town of Omarama, about halfway along the way, you will have the chance to get off the motorway, head in a piece of country and see the stunning Omarama Clay Cliffs. You are on your own property and you have to pass through two doors that you have to open and shut yourself.

It has a small but very lively and comfortable center and is situated in a beautiful location at the shores of Lago di Wanaka, with a magnificent view of the lakes and the neighbouring mountain. Take a walk along the lakeshore and see the famed Wanaka tree, take a quick walk to Mount Iron and take in the stunning view of the city and its unbelievable scenery, or take several walks around the shores of Wanaka City.

I' ve been with Deep Canyoning and did the Leaping Burn Max, which was so much joy and adventures! It is the perfect journey for adventurers like me, because it begins with a 10 meter dive into the water, goes on with lots of rock climbs and sails up to 60 meter and ends with a 14 meter dive into the water!

Tip: You can also view my movie to get an impression of the journey. It' s an hrrive from Wanaka to Queenstown and you should choose the path that will take you through the Cardrona Valley and the magnificent Crown Range, New Zealand's highest highways. The tour lasts about 1.5 hrs and is also very nice to ride.

Quinstown is a really nice town! In fact, I don't think there is another town offering such great sights, no matter where you are. Situated on Lake Wakatipu, right in front of the unbelievable Remarkables. There is a very comfortable downtown area with many stores, cafes, pubs and pubs.

But it is also quite touristic and you can see a great number of Asians and businesses that turn to them. You can find all the activity and adventure providers in the center of the town, while most are on Shotover Street. It is a really cozy cafe with a nice and comfortable ambience right in the center of Queenstown.

When you' re following me and my journeys have been a little longer, you know I adore hamburgers and whenever I go to a new town, I chase for the best hamburger place in the area. Although you may have to await, it is definitely rewarding and a trip to Queenstown is not really a good idea if you were not in Fergburger!

Rooms and lounge provide a magnificent view of the Remarkebles and the lakes. B&B is about 15 min walk from the town centre and is situated in a peaceful area. This area is really funny to ride as you ride along slimy roads, pools and even big rocks.

Besides this unbelievable excitement of driving a four-wheeler, there are also some great outlooks! For a more relaxing exploration of the Queenstown area, take a day in Glenorchy. Glenorchy is stunning as it runs along Lake Wakatipu.

It' about 45 min, but you should make a few stopovers to take photos and savour the lovely mountain scenery. Arrived in Glenorchy, look at the color of the pond - it's astonishing! It is also possible to walk for a few hour to several people.

Come and see the Milford Sounds! Milford Sounds are actually fiords on the western shore of New Zealand's South Island. From Queenstown we went all the way to Milford Sounds, which took about 4h. But I suggest you take your own free day as there are so many great places to stop, photograph, hike and even go camping outdoors.

Maybe you even want to take a few outings to Milford Sounds, because there's a lot to see and do! So we went on a Southern Discoveries ride and we really had a good time! This route passes the Crown Range, Wanaka and the wonderful Haast Mountain Range.

Although it is less than 300 km, you should really take your own pace, because you will again be passing a breathtaking landscape! It is a really funny excursion, because you will accelerate the flow, hike through the rain forest and also get to know a great deal about this area and its unbelievable natural beauty!

It' s another quite awesome ride along the western shore of the South Island, with amazing vistas! It is about 150 km long, but you should allow a little more space for it, as some parts are quite winding and you have to be careful. It is a 30 minute walk from the car park to the glacier itself.

The Monsoon Bar and the Monsoon Bar Restuarant - they have a chimney, the ambience is cozy and the legs of leg of pork are amazing - if you are looking for a good place for supper in Franz Josef, you should definitely go to the Monsoon Bar and the Monsoon Bar Restuarant! Only one more nice ride to go where you will go through lovely valleys, hills, the sea and a panoramic little barrel.

It will take about 3 hrs and once in Punakaiki there is a lot to see! When you are fed up with hiking and want to be a little more adventure, I suggest you discover the wonderful Punakaiki countryside on horseback! It will take 3 hrs and include a relaxed stop in a charming cabin where you will have a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of biscuits while the horses graze about.

It ends on the south end of Pancake Rock - just incredible! It is one of the longest, but again a very nice ride! You' ll cross imposing hills and wonderful dales as you walk into the area. It will take about 3.5 hrs and can be covered in one train.

One of New Zealand's oldest cities, Nelson is the gate to Abel Tasman National Park, Golden Bay, Marlborough Wines and Marlborough Sounds.

The hike takes about two hrs and offers a magnificent view and leads over a revolving viaduct. Well-known for its breathtaking coastline and about 2h northwest of the Nelson, Golden Bay passes Abel Tasman National Park. To get to the areas, drive to Collingwood for a walking experience or take a coach ride from Nelson to Farewell Spit.

It is also a rather winding ride and the Marlborough Sound is about 100 km eastwards of Nelson. Like the name already says, it is made up of many sound, isles, and peninsulae and is ideal for aquatic sport, walking and canyoning. Picton is situated in Marlborough Sound and all New Zealand's North Island ferryboats leave from here.

If you want to go to the northern island, you can take the boat to Wellington here! A thing I definitely stayed is a seakayak ride with Seekayak Adventures! Rarely do I see such individual and kind services, and I am still amazed by this great journey!

It took about 4 hrs and was quite relaxing - we even found some really sweet harbour dogs floating right next to us or canoes! From Picton, the next tour will take you through the wonderful Marlborough vineyards to Kaikoura on the eastern shore of the South Island of New Zealand.

It is 160 km away and the journey lasts about two as well. Just half an hour from Picton is the town of Blenheim with its many nice cafes, eateries, shops and a large grocery store. When you have passed Blenheim, head towards the coast and keep going right next to it.

A small town on the Kaikoura peninsula, Kaikoura has the Seaward Kaikoura hills right behind it - a breathtaking landscape! Kaikoura's ocean is something very unique because it is home to a vast submarine gorge, one of the few in the whole word that is so onshore.

Kaikoura is known for its great marine wildlife with cetaceans, large seabirds and large cetaceans, which are seen in Kaikoura all year round. Yes, you got it right, you can go for a swim with feral cetaceans! There' s only one firm that offers this thrilling experience, Encounter Kaikoura.

A further possibility to meet the marine live is a whalewatching tour. Kaikoura is the right place to watch cetaceans at any time of the year because of the gorge directly in front of the penninsula. We' ve been with Kaikoura and they have a 95% warranty to see cetaceans.

On our journey we even made it to see a whole of three cetaceans, three giant spermaceti! It' been really great to see these big cetaceans and we also learnt a great deal about cetaceans, especially spermaceti. Unfortunately, every great journey has come to an end, as has this great New Zealand journey on the South Island.

From Kaikoura to Christchurch the last stretch is about 180 km long and lasts about 2.5 h. You will drive past some really beautiful gorges and should also make a stop for a trip to the beaches. In Christchurch you will probably bring back your motorhome, just as we said good-bye to ours and gave it back to Britz.

Auckland is the northern island of New Zealand. If you do not want to travel, just take a Christchurch to Auckland plane and see the state! Were you on New Zealand's South Island? When you are traveling to New Zealand, you should take our tour guides with you.

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