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Accommodation in the archipelago

Locate hotels in Stockholm Archipelago, se. Really the most amazing beach accommodation in Vilanculos, Mozambique. Are you looking for a cheap hotel in the Alexander Archipelago? The Anantara is the largest resort in the Bazaruto archipelago and probably the most conventional hotel in terms of design. Pictures of the accommodation of the guests in the Archipelago Beach Resort.

Stay in Finland Archipelago | Accommodation

You' re going to be in Turku. This will be an ideal place for another tour of the archipelago. This archipelago is known as the "Archipelago of Turku". Accommodation is available for fishers, groups and individuals. The archipelago's awe-inspiring Sea Food & Soul Food dining area. Cruising with the archipelago on the traditional ferry makes the voyage an experience in itself.

Arrival by road, transport, ferry, boat taxis, kayaks or bicycle - find out how best to get between and on the islets. The archipelago can be a wonderful adventure, but a two-night or one weekend visit makes you want more.

Here you will find your hut, your holiday home and your accommodation. Many of the archipelago's archipelago's islands have been designed for tourists, from luxury and luxury seaside mansions to the usual basic sport huts with good fish. In the archipelago you will find your accommodation - hotels, hostels, cottages and cosy Bed and Breakfast - bed & breakfast - amenities and inexpensive restaurant.

Archipelago is accessible by road, coach or ferry. Although only about 250 kilometres long, the archipelago trail is surprisingly rich in variety. On your journey from one of the islands to another you will see various ferry boats and ships - most of them free of cost.

From the historic Turku, the tour can take you through archipelago towns and amazing landscapes of the Baltic Sea. Archipelago Trail offers brief cruises on various ships ranging from a few minute to almost an hours. This archipelago trail can be used from mid-May to the end of September.

You can also explore the trail in cold weather, although a tour without back-tracking is only possible in the hot-season. Southwards of the Pargas, Nagu, Korpo and Houtskär archipelago, the vast area of the reserve begins. It has been released with the approval of the Finnish State Survey 2007. The flora and wildlife of the reserve is widespread and inimitable.

The archipelago is characterised by lovely woodland pastures, mainly from Boskär in the western part and Yxskär in the eastern part, as well as the end moraines and bedrock created during the Ice Age. Possibilities to get to the National Park with frequent ferries to Jungfruskär or to one of the thousand surrounding isles.

Accommodation in the archipelago is an ideal place for trips to the area. More about Archipelago Nationalpark. Corresponding trips to the archipelago. Trip to one of the UNESCO biospheric reserves - the Jungfruskär Islands - in the area of the Swiss Alps and National Park. On the 3 km long educational path on the Jungfruskär archipelago you can see the oldest preserved landscapes in the area.

This is a Jungfruskär programme focusing on the creation of ecotourism.

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