New Zealand South Island Scenery

South Island Landscape

The South Island of New Zealand is full of incredible and varied landscapes with picturesque views around every corner. Which are the best highways for a road trip on the South Island, New Zealand. A must for excursions on New Zealand's South Island on motorways, paved and dirt roads and scenic routes.

But not in our beautiful little place in the whole wide underworld!

But not in our beautiful little place in the whole wide underworld! South Island has some of the most beautiful viewpoints. But not in our beautiful little place in the whole wide underworld! In fact, you can go off-road to get the most out of it - extend your feet with quick strolls like the Key Summit or Lake Gunn loops, or hop in a canoe and fly over the water for a view of Milford's vibrant sea environment.

On the trail of our Maori forefathers in their quest for Pounamu (greenstone), you will appreciate the more than 90 years it took to finish this magnificent street. From Wanaka to Haast, a curvy trail through the lofty Southern Alps, reflected in pristine glacier lagoons, to the rugged shores of the Tasman Sea, can turn even the most technology-savvy photographer into a profession.

Far open, windswept and savage - the ride through Tussockland on wheels between the Mackenzie Plain and Central Otago is one of the days when you really sense the scale of our wonderful underworld. - and a wealth of local birds, so leave your cars and the well-trodden paths to enjoy the expanse of this expansive area.

Hopefully you'll have enough storage space for your digital video recorder, because the view of the wide mountains surrounding the clear water is something you can hold onto forever. Queenstown is the adventurous city of the wold and Glenorcy is a historical and enchanting place to visit, and there's a lot to look forward to.

New Zealand's top five South Island Cruises

Have a great New Zealand journey history you'd like to allot? The scenery of New Zealand is full of picturesque scenery and impressive vistas, so you will be leaving this island with your sights open and a well used camerawork. So, if you want to spice up your route a bit, continue reading for our five best destinations in the south.

Anau to Milford Sound. This area is dramatically and relentlessly varied, from crystal-clear seas and lofty peaks to luxuriant glacial pastures. Straighten your feet on the Chasm Walk, a brief walk through the local wood of beeches to see some mighty falls. Once in the town of Milford, you will be welcomed with a magnificent panoramic views of Mitre Peak.

You shouldn't miss a trip into the core of music with Real Journeys. It then follows the banks of the lakes Wanaka and Hawea before reaching the Makarora Vesicles, the gate to Mt Aspiring National Park. Right behind it are the Blue Swimming Baths, a 30 minutes stroll through untouched wood.

Kaikoura from Nelson. The tour will take you through Marlborough, New Zealand's biggest wine-growing area and its major centre, Blenheim. It is located about 50 kilometres on the coast and provides many opportunities to observe local fauna such as sea birds and New Zealand harp seal. The Kaikoura Township is a busy place with many cafes, bars, cafes, restaurants and stores - but the primary purpose of the visit is to see animals, as it is one of the few places in the whole whale watching area all year round.

You can take a full moon or night trip to the secluded Doubtful Sound - known for its pristine beauties. It is only a few minutes walk to your lake finish, Te Anau, the gate to Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound.

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