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A number of partners of the Pacific Humanitarian Team from Samoa and Fiji also supported ad hoc government requests. Macroeconomic opportunities for women in the Pacific The Pacific is not yet fully realised in terms of women's capacity to receive and monitor incomes and to exercise decision-making powers. For more information on women's personal histories of business, see the Economic Opportunities for Pacific Workers. In spite of the fact that almost half of all companies in Samoa are controlled, females still work in the small business informational area.

This position highlights a general shortage of economic consciousness, which includes registering and licencing. To fully exploit the economic potentials of womens and their contributions to the wider economic system, the Samoa Gender and Investment Climate Reform Assessment reports (PDF) identify obstacles that have prevented womens from realising their economic potentials, which include the absence of women's involvement in political dialogues and insufficient accessibility to the judiciary and their countrys.

It also aims to show how Samoan businesswomen should be educated about the advantages of Samoan businesswomen and how they should be educated about businesspartners.


This page contains abstracts of Samoa's people, press and bank transfers. In addition, we offer useful comparison hotlines if you want to make transfers to Samoa while at the same time reducing high charges, whether in face-to-face, by cell phone or on-line. For Samoans who live in Australia, New Zealand or the USA, there are significant cost differentials when shipping currency to Samoa, according to which carrier you select, so our aim is to be as clear as possible so that you can make an educated decision that meets your needs.

There were 15,240 Australians in Samoa in 2006. There were 131,100 Samoans in New Zealand in 2006. There were 184,000 Samoans in the United States of America in 2010. New Zealand embassies & consulates: American embassies & consulates: organizations in Australia: Organizations in New Zealand:

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