Faalupega O Nuu

Fealupega O Nuu

Pemerika L. Tauiliiliili - Anoafale O Le Gagana Ma Le Aganuuu Anoafale" depicts the relationship between speech and civilization within the "matai" or the system of the Samoan population. It is an tool that shapes different cultural facets within the school. Samoans are cultural orientated and to be able to experience and comprehend the system you have to know the languages and their cultures.

It is a system of small families and the head of this one.

Tufuga Timeline, Legacy & Story (Mema)

Assau, Savai'i, Samoa. Utuloa, Asau, Savai'i, Samoa. Ms Tumema Siala Tolua Tufuga was borne in Utuloa, Asau, i-le Pulega o Vaisigano. Mema, is Fuifui Tolua Tufuga's firstborn of the Tuiletufuga Tauvae, from Apia, July 21, 1945. Mr. Tauvae Tuiletufuga, was the third child of the High Chief of Apia, Mr. Tuiletufuga Liu.

Siala Tufuga née Tauvae was the only one of this series. The Mema has only half brothers and sisters from both the matrillinal and the patrillinal side. This is Rochelle Tufuga and her dam, the deceased Mema Tufuga at 2 Wallace Street, in Crestmead, in Logan City, Queensland, Australia. Move to Tuloto, Lalovaea, Apia to remain with Granny Ta'a Fidow.

Calameli Ta'a Fidow is the oldest of Fuifui Tufuga's sisters. Ta'a Fidow is the Taupou o Asau. Ta'a Fidow is the first-born daugther of Lopao'o Pagia and Nive Lopao'o. To Lopao'o Pagia past Nive gets married a Son of the owner of the Ali'i degree of Tufuga from Matavai, Asau, le suspuga Mr. Tolua Tufuga.

According to this, Lote and Fuifui are the only full-blooded girls from this idea of Tolua Tufuga and Nive Tolua Tufuga. That is why Ta'a, Fuifui's oldest half-sister, her oldest at about twenty, takes on a mothership. In her flock in Tuloto, Lalovaea, Apia she accepted Mema for training in Apia.

In 1964, two years after Samoa's liberation from New Zealand, at the delicate 18-year old as part of the Samoan government's agreement of mutual respect between Samoa and the New Zealand government, there is a free immigration regime that allows the Samoans to immigrate freely to New Zealand. Among these immigrants is Mema Tauvae.

Auckland harbor, via, Suva, Fiji. 1964 Mema Tauvae arrived in Auckland New Zealand and went directly to Christchurch New Zealand, where she was accommodated by her Cousine, a subsidiary of Ta'a Fidow, Viva Fidow Sila. The Mema stayed in Christchurch from 1964 to 1968.

1966 Mema met my prospective sire Tausisi Laugutu Te'o, Aza, Tausisi Amituana'i, a Saint Bedes College Scholar, from Samoa, later Tausisi became a Canturbury University Bacholar of Commerce Ingraduate. In 1967, Oma Ta'a Fidow's above image was taken in front of Waltham Primary School in Waltham, Christchurch, New Zealand.

From Wellington, New Zealand, in 1974 we took Grandma Ta'a to Christchurch. and we lived with Viva Fidow Sila on Waltham Street, in Waltham, Christchurch, New Zealand. Oma Ta'a and Aunt Viva's photo above was taken at Christchurch Airport in 1974.

In 1974, Grandma Ta'a would pay her last trip to New Zealand. Mary is grandma Ta'a Fidow's grandchild of her oldest daugther, Fotu Fidow Lamosi, who was born in Tuloto before she moved to Solosolo. When she was 20, Mama lived with her Cousine Viva Fidow Sila in Waltham, Christchurch, New Zealand. Mema, also known as Teresa, (a translliteration of Tumema, Tumema is a Bible transfer of Thurmin, the twelve valuable gems on the chest armour of the Old-Testament  Jews ), will meet August (Aukuso) Smith, a Samoa scientist.

Attorney-at-law August Tauvae was borne on November 20, 1965, but he is either dead or at least dies formally in three working nights, on November 23, 1965. August Tauvae, was interred on November 25, 1965 at the cemetery of Ruru, in Bromley, in Christchurch, New Zealand.

August Smith, who then studied at Canterbury University on a Samoa grant, was his sire. Christine Tauvae is in Keneperu Hospital, Keneperu, Porirua, New Zealand. An old Saint Bedes and a Bachelor of Commerce student with a fellowship from Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In 1967 Rochelle Tauvae is baptized a Catholic in the Holy Family Parish on Mungavin Avenue, Porirua East, New Zealand. Tintin Tufuga was borne as Tim Brian Tauvae. Tintin Tauvae was reborn on April 29, 1968 at Saint Helens Womens Hospital in Christchurch (Christchurch Womens Hospital).

Fr. Brian from Christchurch baptizes Tim Tauvae. Mama decided to name Tim after Father Brian and is now known as Tim Brian Tauvae. The christening of Tim Tauvae takes place in the cathedral of Barbadoes in Christchurch. Siala Tauvae, through her boyfriends Vanu and Va Toma, converted from Roman Catholics to a gathering of the God's faiths while still in Christchurch.

When Mema leaves for Wellington to live with her old cousin George and his first bride Margaret Fidow. mema joined Pastor Fereti Ama's church with the Wellington Assembly of God Church, which held its worship service on Vivian Street, Wellington. Reverend Ama is moving to Porirua, Mema and her two kids are also moving to Porirua.

The Mema will be among the founding members of the Porirua-Samoan Assembly of the Orthodox Movement. Royal New Zealand Policy college is located in Porirua, opened in 1976 by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. She had worked for the New Zealand postal service, which worked the tomb layer at midnight and was a mother during the daytime.

Mema Tufuga's service to her community includes her activities as a founding member of "The Team", as a Sunday school instructor and as the formal seamstress of "The Team" outfits. She was a gifted seamstress and her younger half-sister Nive Tolua Tufuga continued this familiar custom.

Babysit' three little boy Mata, Etuati and Junior Lafaele. As" favor" to one of the singers of "The Team" and prospective pastor of a meeting of God in Honolulu, Hawai'i Mr Tali and Liaina Lafaele, from Siumu, Upolu, Samoa. He was austere, yet forgiving of the mischievous pranks of the Lafaele family.

An ordinary infancy with the Lafaele children Tim, Onkel Philip, who was actually only two years older than Rochelle. He was the scoreselector / scriptwriter / stage manager and producers of these pieces. She was infamous as the head of Sonntagsschulspiele when she was a Sonntagschulelehrererin.

The mema had become gentler to become more forgiving and authoritarian, which was only possible with old Age and wisdom. She enjoys sports, as well as playing football, which includes playing football in the football club and in the Rugby League and Rugby Union. 1973 Mama takes her mom to New Zealand. 1973 Fuifui Tufuga emigrates to New Zealand and is supported by her subsidiary Mema Tauvae.

On her way home with her boy Philip, she lives with Mema and her two kids on Hampshire Street, Porirua East, New Zealand. As Mema Tauvae's kids were the only New Zealanders, we were practically the true patrons of our grandma and Philip in our state. Mama was still a Samoan national in New Zealand and had a long-stay permit.

The first Samoan group in New Zealand, under the direction of Mata Robertson, will feature Mema Tufuga as a background singer. Mama returned to New Zealand in January 1975. Coming back to Samoa. Mama with her two kids in a train rope go to Samoa. With a Pan Am DC8 plane to Nukualofa, Tonga, then to PagoPago, American Samoa.

Connection to a Fokker Turbo Prop plane to Faleolo International in Mulifanua, Upolu, Samoa. Faleolo is the first port of call for the descendants of Mema. Then, a James Michener inspirational trip to Tuloto, Lalovaea, in Apia to once again see Granny Ta'a Fidow.

Finally the visit to the town of Asau to visit the dear ones again. End of 1976. Tufuga Pisa, his family, his family and his family. 1976 phot. One of Fuifui Tufuga's brothers and uncles of Mema Tolua Tufuga Le suspuga Lotu Lotu next door, Puleono, Lopao'o Pagia's daugther, with newborn.

In the meantime the comeback to Apia to see the patrillinealside of the Mema Tolua Tufuga people. Rochelle and Tim introduce Mema to their dad, Le suspuga Mr. Tauvae Tuiletufuga, in the town of Apia. Tuiletufuga Le suspuga Tauvae Tuiletufuga, an impressive man and sire of Le Afioga Tuiletufuga Liu, the High Chief of Apia, whose geopolitical electoral district name is "Vaimauga i sisifo", thus representing the Apia country nobility from the beginning.

The picture above shows Mom's half-sister Polita and her daugther, then the deceased Mema Tufuga, her dad, the deceased'grandpa' Tauvae Tuiletufuga, and the deceased half-brother of Mema, Talisa, in front Ben is another mother's boy. Tuiletufuga's marriage in New Zealand. Mema, her daugher Rochelle or Ta'a, as she was also called by the familiy, and Tim, came back to New Zealand in January 1977.

There are plans to travel back in 1977-78. From 1977-78 he returned to Samoa. Mema and Tim returned to Samoa in December 1977. She stays in New Zealand this year because she had the rubella from her first journey and couldn't bear the warmth and the waters.

After the meeting Mema will be meeting Tim. ALUGAlULA o FOGATULI, SAVAI, SAMOA. Both Mema and Tim are returning to Asau, Savai'i and Apia. Both Mema and Tim are travelling through Upolu. 1981, after seventeen years of work and as a mom in New Zealand, raising two kids alone.

She emigrated to Brisbane, Australia, where she worked as an inspector in the apparel and textiles firm Leo Josephsen in Milton, Brisbane. While staying in Porirua, Rochelle and Tim were under the tutelage of their aunt Nive Tolua Tufuga and their grandmother Fuifui Tufuga. That was until mid-December 1981, when Rochelle Tauvae, Tim Tauvae and Nive Tolua Tufuga's first-born child, Reejoice (Fotu) Tufuga, (Fotu was then just over a year old), had left Wellington International Airport in Brisbane to see Mema Tufuga.

Later, Baby Reejoice Fotu Tufuga became known as Reejoice Fotu Fanene when her mom married her dad Tovi'o David Fanene. Tim Tufuga was registered at Brisbane State High School in 1982. Rochelle was lucky enough to be back in New Zealand in January 1982 during the severe culture crisis. Returning to Brisbane in 1984.

Until then Mema had been naturalized as an Aussie in 1984. In 1984 Siala Tufuga became an Austrian national. The then Brisbane City Lord Mayor Harvey, Miss Mema Siala Tufuga, was naturalized as an Austrian national. Mema's descendants are still in New Zealand, except that Rochelle, reluctantly, returned to Brisbane in 1984 when Mema was naturalized.

In December 1982 Tim came back to New Zealand and attended the Aotea College in Porirua in 1984. Mema's descendants were determined to come back to New Zealand, but without success. It was Mema's job to stay in Brisbane. Rema still works for the apparel and textiles firm Leo Josephsen Lee Cooper in Milton, Brisbane, for the remainder of the 1980s.

Leaving Aotea College on Forms 4 and 5, joins Forms 6 but returns to Brisbane at halftime. from Grantham Street on Highgate Hill to Beenleigh. A graduate of Coorparoo State High School, Rochelle attends Lorraine Martin School and is a secretary at Brisbane CBD.

I' m Mema moving to Vardell Crescent in Beenleigh. Tufuga's years at BHS were relatively good. She stayed in Beenleigh for fifteen years until June 2000, when Mema was handicapped and confined to a wheel chair, and eventually moved to 2 Wallace Street, Crestmead, Logan City in June 2000. Two Wallace Street, Crestmead, in Logan City, would be Mema Tufuga's last place of abode.

Dec. 1986- January 1987 Mama's permanent homecoming to Samoa. Tufuga's last trip to Samoa. Mema and her two descendants leave Brisbane this year. Travel to Samoa in a 737 via Noumea, New Caledonia and land at Faleolo Airport, Samoa. Tintin and Rochelle get together again with their dad while he plays grass shells at the Tanoa Bowls Club in Apia Park.

Fa'imanu is, among other things, an obsessed lawn bowler who is representing Samoa in the Lawn Bowls officaly. Tintin and Rochelle are visiting the Fa'imanu Tausisi Amituana'i mansion in To'omatagi, Apia. Meanwhile Mema and her descendants still stay in Tuloto, Lalovaea, Apia, with Masoe Joe Fidow. Granny Ta'a Fidow died in 1982, her tomb is in front of the Tuloto mansion.

The Afioga Masoe Joe Fidow is now supervisor of the Tafa'igata jail, the Samoa Penitentiary. Tufuga would go with his uncles to the Tafa'igata Samoa Penitentiary to examine the wards. She sings a tune in front of several hundred Samoans from all over the globe, she is a member of the Aussie team.

It' a dark day back to Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia. DiNatale: Mema will never go back to Samoa. In 1988 Tim left the house and lived with his dad in Samoa. Both Mema and Rochelle are not returning to Samoa for this Christmas time. Tintin travelled to Samoa and lived with Fa'imanu Tausisi Amituana'i with his family and now five kids in To'omatagi, Apia, Samoa.

Fa'imanu Amituana'i is insisting that Tim take his last name while he lives with him in Samoa. Since 1989 Tim Tauvae (or Tim Tufuga) has been known as Tim Amituana'i while he was at university in Samoa and played at 20 years old in both the Russian and foreign leagues.

Tintin returned to Brisbane to celebrate Christmas with his mom Mema and older brother and sisters, before he returned to Samoa in 1989 to study at the National University of Samoa. In 1989 Tim left Beenleigh again for Samoa. Other members of the Fidow Group come to Brisbane as immigrants from Samoa. In February 1989 Tim returned from Brisbane to Samoa.

Return to the second year of study at the National Univeristy of Samoa. Tim will return to Mema and Rochelle (or Ta'a) in Brisbane in November. Tintin is preparing for New Zealand to enroll as an Undergraduate at the Victoria in Wellington. in the Seventh-day Adventists beliefs.

He will remain a graduate of the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Rochelle Tauvae (Rochelle Tufuga) is naturalized as an Australian. In 1992 mother returned to New Zealand to see her sire. She arrived in Wellington, New Zealand as an Australian and went to Porirua after almost nine years of absenteeism.

Returning because her boy Tim was attacked by a group of men on Fearons Bush Campsite, Motueka, South Island, New Zealand on New Year's Noon. New Zealand policemen are dropping the trial for Tim's failure to remember exactly what he was.

Tim Amituanai was chosen in July 1992 for the Sydney Football Tournament, which took place in August 1992 in Sydney, Australia. Tufuga (also known as Tim Amituana'i) second from the second series. In 1992 Rochelle met Tim in Sydney.

In 1993 Tim returned to Beenleigh from Wellington, New Zealand. After three years of absenteeism, Tim finally reunites with Mema and Sr. Rochelle in February 1993. Before 1993 Tim was in Samoa from 1988-89 and thus 5 years away from Brisbane, Australia. November 1993, More stressful for Mema Tufuga, her boy Tim Amituanai (Tim Tufuga), while she celebrates the exams of the University of Queensland, goes out for a drinks with a boyfriend at the Royal Exchange Hotel (RE) in Toowong, Brisbane City, when the night is over, Tim awaits a cab on Sherwood Road, Toowong, while Tim is attacked by a man who beats Tim from behind.

It' regarded by Mema and Tim as indignation, but this is Queensland. It was Mema who had been insisting that Tim assert his virginity. In 1995 Mama und Rochelle treten der American First Assembly of God Church bei. She and her daughters return to the Assembly of God Fundernity and help to found the American First Samoan Assembly of God Church.

Not being cohesive and lacking in money means Mum and Rochelle are losing aid and the community's splintering is acknowledged with Tim's case. In 1997 Tim goes to NSW is in violation of his paroles is arrested and eventually Mom and Dad are paying for his plane ride to his dad in Samoa.

DiNatale Mema is paying for her son's plane ride from Brisbane to Samoa. In Samoa Tim can't find work. In December 1997 Tim returned to New Zealand. Difficult and weakened, her boy is still looking for work in Samoa, then New Zealand. Finally Tim is compelled to go back to Brisbane in 1998.

Cops are attacking Mema Tufuga in the lobby of the station. In Queensland, New Zealand and Samoa, Tim is unemployed, blaming the Queensalnd cops for this injustice by reasoning with the QPS at the Beenleigh station and talking about an accusation made by the cops that Tim founded in the past.

Rochelle and Mema walk into the lobby of the Detachment during the close combat and then move on to examine the scene as they approach Tim and the policemen gathered around Tim. and accused of attacking policemen.

The mema is held and bodily detached by two men by holding her hands and toes. The Mema is kicked out of the ward entrance onto the sidewalk. Officials arrest Rochelle with manoeuvres for depilation and immobilization and charge her with assault.

They cuff Rochelle and drag her into the guard room, claiming she was beaten and tossed against the cellular walls. From 1998-99 Mema Tufuga's health is rapidly deteriorating. Jan. 1998, Tim and Rochelle have received penal sentences from the Queensalnd Police for attacks on police officers. Difficult Mema and her boy is still trying to find work in New Zealand.

He' re going to be a New Zealand packer. There''s no one in New Zealand. Mema will pay for Tim's plane back from Sydney to Wellington, New Zealand in April 2000. Mema's health has worsened while her boy is still looking for work and is now back in New Zealand.

In 2000 Mema Tufuga in Crestmead was completely and durably handicapped. mema is handicapped accessible, from Beenleigh, and eventually gets a home at 2 Wallace Street, in Crestmead. Fewer than two years later, Mema Tufuga's situation is regarded as final. In October 2000, when Tim returned from his search for a career in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand.

Everyone is unaware of Mema Tufuga's state. Instead, the clinical forecast was that a lumbar puncture for the treatment of primary and tertiary cancers should be performed on mema. Siala Tufuga died of uterine carcinoma on March 4, 2002 at Logan Hospital at the aged 56. Obviously, she was found to have serious osteoarthritis, which caused a paralyzing, paralyzing disease that tied Mema to a handcuff.

She actually did die of radiation poisoning and no doctor would tell her or her familiy about her actual state until it was far too far in advance. And so she passed away so abruptly when we were told the truth about my deceased mother's state. Granny Fuifui Tufuga had two stroke cases.

When she was 82, she also accepted that Brisbane was the ultimate fate for herself and her descendants from Utuloa, Asau, Savai'i, Samoa, as I had already said three years before. Fuifui Tolua Tufuga died on May 19, 2009 in Logan Hospital.

At the same time, her mother, the deceased Mrs. Mema Tufuga, also deceased on March 4, 2002. After 27 years Tim Tufuga is naturalized in Australia. As GBH's punishment can never be regarded as issued and Tim Tufuga is therefore regarded as too'violent' to become an Aussie warrior.

Today Tim Tufuga is walking, bathing and biking. These are Tim and Rochelle Tufuga, brothers and sisters, who will spend 2008-2009 together at home at Xmas. Health Rights Commission, Queensland Health Authorities and the Queensland Administration have denied all of Tim Tufuga's requests for the deceased Mema Tufuga's health situation. In order to keep the sad and old-fashioned memory of the deceased Mema Tufuga, Tim and Rochelle naturally pressed to survive and to remain able to cope with stress despite all the adversities.

Unnecessarily, please pardon the deceased wife Mema Tufuga's descendants, Miss Rochelle Tufuga and Tim Tufuga, for having inflicted a spontaneously invented insult upon anyone.

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