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From the beautiful shores of Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii and the base for your most unforgettable holiday ever. ROUND TRIP COACH FLIGHT TO HONOLULU, HAWAII (HNL) (see departure points). Locate flights to Honolulu with Delta, United, Hawaiian Airlines and more. Hawaii's largest city, Honolulu is often referred to as the pulsating heart of the state. Astonishing offers for all holiday packages from Ottawa to Honolulu!

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2018 Honolulu: Honolulu Best, HI Tourisme

The Honolulu is a legend windsurfing spot. Even if you don't know a kayak boat from a windsurfing platform, you'll find a spot that will appeal to you (and if you want to know the differences, you can find a great teacher to tutor you). Swim, kayak, snorkel, canoe, or just sunbathe.... everything is available in Honolulu.

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Looking for a vacation in Honolulu, Oahu? Honolulu, Oahu is exalted, beautiful and offers great sights like Pearl Harbor, Aloha Tower and Iolani Palace. It is appreciated how much our clients look forward to escaping their bustling life, and we do our best to offer a secure, welcoming and accessible journey.

You will be in The Big Aneapple before you know it. We pride ourselves on providing our passengers with dependable, accommodating and enjoyable flights at affordable prices - no matter where they fly to. First and foremost, we place our passengers with comprehensive timetables and a cancellations policy that allows you to make free changes or cancellations within 24 hrs of making your reservations.

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