Getting to American Samoa

Travel to American Samoa

American Samoa football team wins for the first time". USA, in most cases you have to get to Apia, Samoa and then on to Pago. At the lodge after lunch we set out to learn more about Ofu's miracle. It is time to take a closer look at your next trip to American Samoa and the regions you might want to fly to. Rankings, your personal costs, entry options, payment methods and much more.

Public parks in American Samoa receive a face-lift

Three of America's most beloved theme park, Utulei Beach Park, Utulei Beach Park, Onesosopo Park and Utulei Beach Park are undergoing renovation. The Utulei Beach Park toilet has new tiles, toilet and urinal and the bathroom has been relocated for better use. New lavatories and peeing rooms will also be provided for our children and Onesosopo Park.

There are three amusement park, which are favourite meeting places for meetings, camp, picnic and other events all year round. Toilets in all the park are open from Monday to Sunday from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Travelling from Fiji to American Samoa.: Travelling

I' m going to go to Oceania and try to see if anyone is experienced in travelling from Fiji to American Samoa with any airline. I guess I'd actually have to be in Fiji to get the right fare. One of the simplest (but not cheap or shortest) routes is via Hawaii (Fiji Air operates flights to Honolulu and Mt. Pago Pago operates flights to Hawaiian).

You can only do this a few things a few months a week, and you will have to stay a few overnight stays in Honolulu. If not, you must take Fiji (Nadi or Suva) to Apia (APW), then transfer to Fagali'i (FGI) (approx. 1 hour drive) for the plane to Pago Pago. From Samoa there are weekly departures to American Samoa and most Fiji weekdays.

You probably have to stay the whole evening in Apia. There' s also a boat between Samoa and American Samoa. I' already have a flight to and from APW, but I want to fly from there to PPG for a few nights. I have several FGI-PPG departures a day, but I don't want to take a cab from APW to FGI.

It seems that Inter Island Air has APW to PPG flight..... but I can't buy anything on their website or get in touch with them or anything else. Your website has not been listing a flight for about 6 month (note that you can still buy May 2015 flights).

I have completed your web application for "purchase of flights", but have not received an answer. I' ve phoned several different dates and at different hours, every telephone number on their website, and every few moments I get recorded in order to post a note. and call you back in a lousy or two.

It looks like you can't help but take a cab. I guess I should have been flying through Honolulu instead of Fiji and Apia.

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