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Training in American Samoa - President Johnson visits - Performance measurement - Video clip - Contact - Private. The Motu-O-Kura Series, a new series of works from Carter's residence that explore a variety of perspectives on Motu-O-Kura (Bare Island). His name is Motu-o-Puhi, or literally: Island of the Virgin Mary. Finish your Gwen Greenham collection. Motu-o-Kura Bare Island, Hawke's Bay history and archaeological sites.

Integrated digicamixer

An advanced visual user experience, the 4HD provides unparalleled sound capabilities, with 32 channel recording and reproduction (four 8-channel banks), 8 channel analogue, 8 channel AES/EBU and optically digitised, and 8 channel SDI and HDMI embeddable sound I/O as well. Four XLR connectors on the back of the 4HD provide four analogue and AES/EBU outputs.

When you need to work with more than four TV tuners, you can plug an industrial-grade ( "Tascam" format) DB25 into an XLR or 1/4-inch break-out lead (sold separately). 8 visual I/O ports allow the use of the widest variety of devices. With a full 32 x 32 on-board mixers, the W4HD allows you to quickly track any input mix.

It is a real 16 channel stereobus video mixers with 16 buses and pan, jam and single on all channel in. Mixed signal can be shared between a number of different signal sources, giving you total freedom for any mixed sound applications. Transmit any type of sound to any other type of sound without delay. V4HD CueMix makes it easy to include or de-embed SDI sound - or to include sound in the HDMI out.

You can, for example, read eight XLR analogue inputs and forward them to the SDI source bench while outputting the signal to the SD-SDI and HD-SDI outlets, as shown in this example. Designed with care, the vibraphone 4HD ensures that your sound and videos stay in perfect synchronicity right down to the final sampling.

The CueMix DSP? built-in video mixing device -- 32-channel, 16-bus mixing device for instant surveillance of camera and microphone preamplifier input signals or other sound feed. Setup send/return loop for external sound processors and external mixing consoles. Multi CueMix DSP Mix -- Make 16 independent stereophonic display mixtures (8 stereos at 176.4 or 192 kHz) for master outputs, earphones, engine transceiver/return loop, etc.

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