Tau Symbol

dew symbol

The fraternity needle is our most revered symbol. q, ?, theta. r, ?, rho.

s, ?, sigma. t, ?, tau. w, ?, omega. x, ?, xi. y, ?, psi. What was the source of the dew and what does that mean? On the left side is a "forbidden" circle with the symbol ? with the heading "Pi".


Insignias of the Brotherhood are very important icons. Badges - The Brotherhood emblem is a small enamelled sign in small scale, covered with a golden sign and a five-pointed head with the letter ZTA and the Greek name Themis. The Brotherhood Square is made of grey and blue sateen.

It has a hidden significance, but it can be placed in a place that can be seen by anyone who enters a Chapters' Room, Shrine, Suites or Chapters' Room. Every and every new collegial section is added, a silvery part with the name of the section in Grecian is added to the warp.

Crests - Only inaugurated members may carry or use the coat of arms. Its ritual significance is kept confidential and is disclosed to each member at the inauguration. It is this important part of the ZTA trademark that makes the coronet a distinctive, identifiable symbol of the Brotherhood.

Banner, Chapters - In honour of ZTA's Centennial (1998), a banner was made in honour of each of the chapters. Banners are grey and blue with the name of the chapters in Greec. For each additional section, a default color is created during installation. Flowers - The Fraternity of Flowers, selected by founder Ruby Leigh Orgain, is the Little Purple.

It is symbolically illustrated by the dedication ministry. Ring of Honour - Adopted at the 1915 Conventions, it is decorated with the coat of arms in sterling blue on a rock surrounded by an open Bible and crowns. This is the highest award of the Brotherhood. Once approved by the National Council, alumnaes can be awarded the ring of honour for exceptional and lasting services to the Fraternity.

Nursing Pins - A purple and purple colored blue and blue gold ring that can be presented to the wives of the inaugurated members and the Zeta homeowners. The Fraternity's Signet - The Fraternity's Signet is a circle with ribbed corners that bear the name of the Fraternity and the date and place of its foundation.

It' used on formal documentation of the Fraternity. Reproductions of the original label may be used for decoration. Goddess of Protection - The founders elected Themis to stand for the Brotherhood. The Pledge Pins - This pledge pins is a silvery, enamelled turqoise carpenter's squares that will be used by all properly promised new members of the Brotherhood.

Fraternity Crimson - The Fraternity Crimson is the violet ornament decorated with the flare and coat of arms the National President wears as a symbol of her ministry. Identification pens - The ZTA identification pens can be carried by new and inaugurated members. Crowns may only be carried by privy members.

Purple Pins (50 Years Pin) - Only those who have belonged to the Brotherhood for 50 years or more and are therefore receivers of the Order of the Shield may carry this Pins in the form of the Purple Pins. This can be used as a identification pen or as protection for the mark.

75-year old charms Pink Purple Charms - The members who have been members for 75 years are given this charms in the form of the 75 layered purple.

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