People with Blonde Hair

Blonde-haired people

Flat or golden in colour or a light red-brown or light yellow-brown hue: blonde hair. Some truths exist about the ancient proverb: "Blondes have more fun. Blond people, especially dark blondes, are so common in Finland that you often see boring hair colours. Is the resurgence of men with blond hair a growing sense of dissatisfaction? So the only reason for dyeing your hair is that you get a little less attention from the men.

Girls don't want to date men with blond hair, says new poll, but here's who they want

Apparently, gentleman favor blonde. Or, at least, that's what Hollywood has been teaching us, from the film of the same name to the fact that he likes a plump blonde most of the times when a leading role is cheating on his woman. However, while this may be the case with men, blond men do not really see blond men as a good catcher.

In fact, a recent study found that when it comes to dating, womens favor men with tan hair. According only to the survey by the dating website,, blond men are not very reasonable on the dating world. Out of the more than 145,000 males members it was found that in June and July, blonde boys had the lowest number of data, in comparison to men with different hair colour.

Not even the blonde ones. The gingers are better than the blond ones. Females are looking for the right business, and in their view blond men offer no more than a short-term thing. This is not the point where the hair color-based assumption ends. There are five other things learnt from her survey of men and their hair colour.

Even though it is the most frequent type of hair, intimacy must have something to do with attractiveness. After the trial, men with tan hair averaged 10 appointments per months, versus blonde boys who averaged only three. Whilst dark hair is not as frequent as dark hair, there is definitely an added attraction of the secret that comes with it.

Though it may not be as high as the 10 data a months intersection that men with tan hair count, but at an intersection of seven a months, it's not too poor. Though there are some men who turn gray early, like Anderson Cooper, the vast majority of men with gray hair is definitely on the older side, but that's not important for them.

If you want to accept a date with an elderly man with gray hair or someone nearer the woman's old who happens to be a blonde, the ladies pick the gray boys and give them an interview every fortnight. Perhaps because we're all in a crush on Prince Harry?

Whatever the case, red-haired people have an annual monthly schedule of four. With three years, it may be just above blonde, but it's more. The Scandinavian Journal of Psychology has found that while men tend to address a blonde lady in a dancing nightclub, men tend to say yes to men with black hair.

Yeah, it's so tough on blond men, so maybe it's timeto get some hair color, boys?

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