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Expeditions to New Zealand

Charming cities, extraordinary panoramas create an exciting, unique, luxurious travel experience in New Zealand. Enjoy the wonders from below on this guided nature expedition in the middle of the scenic splendour of the South Island. Adventure trips to New Zealand at its best! There is a good reason for New Zealand being a popular destination all over the world: it is absolutely amazing. to Auckland, New Zealand co-chief scientist:

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Aotearoa for the native Maori and'Godzone' for Kiwis, New Zealand is always a small part of paradise. The scenery ranges from the long sandy gold beach in the north to innumerable off-shore islets, the volcanoes of the main plateaus and the mighty fjords of the isle.

Almost 1000 leagues wide and with more coastlines than the US Continent, New Zealand has excellent cruises for pleasure craft.

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The Fiji Isles are located in the South Pacific under the stars of the South. Fiji is a real heaven, a group of almost 300 isles. When you finish your Pacific Harbor cruise near the resort's coastline, the sounds of Fijians chanting a traditionally welcome tune will be the first indication that you have reached Heaven.

You are greeted by a hot grin and a flowery body as you tread on the sands of this charming seaside retreat, where even the palms seem to vibrate to the sound of the ocean breezes. Discover the South Pacific with Bio Bio Bio Expeditions and experience scuba dives, snorkelling, communal trips, kayak, massage in one of the most important Fijian resorts.

They will be calmed by the seaside and cared for as a friendly Fijian hostess. Experience New Zealand in the wilderness! Trekking through national parks, kayaking in Tonga Island Marine Reserve, whitewater rafting on the Buller River, exploring a variety of New Zealand icebergs all the time, marvelling at the variety!

The thrilling course will take place in the remote Fiji island paradise of Beqa (pronounced "Benga") and Warwick Fiji in the Pacific port. The CME wilderness and marine medicine course is held in the remote island paradise of Beqa (pronounced "Benga"). Encircled by one of the biggest and most impressive barriere coral corals in the whole wide open spaces of the globe, Beqa is unspoilt and unspoilt.

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