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Situated in Punta Arenas, Innata Casa Hostal offers free WiFi. Forecast for Punta Arenas, Magallanes y Antártica (Chile). This forecast shows the local time for Punta Arenas. Actual local time in Chile - Punta Arenas. Obtain Punta Arenas's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time.

The limelight at Punta Arenas: Chile's Antarctic oil-rich gateways | Towns

As Robert Scott's icebound remnants were retrieved 105 years ago this fortnight, Antarctica was a purely European matter. It is now a vibrant worldwide company that will open up even more when the icecaps fall. Chile's most southern town, Punta Arenas, a windswept harbour with almost 130,000 inhabitants on the Strait of Magellan, is the obvious gate to Antarctica.

He greeted Scott himself in July 1904, when the Englishman sent 400 notes in which he announced the secure comeback of his voyage of discovery in the Plaza Muñoz Gamero mail. An officer declared the town a" miserable place". Now not so much, as Punta Arenas is home to the Antarctica programs of 20 different nations and is becoming one of Chile's most rapidly expanding citys.

In comparison to the other Gateway towns of Christchurch, New Zealand, and Hobart, Australia, which concentrate more on transiting to the deeper Antarctica, Punta Arenas is the starting point for global biological explorations to the Arctic Biosphere. Marcelo Leppe, an INACH palaeobiologist, says that since the Chilean Institute of Antarctica (INACH) relocated to Punta Arenas in 2004, the state has developed from a "geopolitical" attitude - the attempt to maintain its independence over the Arctic Ocean to the southern hemisphere - into a "cooperative, global-oriented" one.

Chile founded a punishment settlement in 1848, which became Punta Arenas - located in such a way that the fleeing state could take over the Strait of Magellan. This collapse was stopped with the detection of crude petroleum in 1945 and now the connection to Antarctica. Anything that the Antarktic authorities send to the continent is returned to the southern wind, which can be gusty up to 80mph.

Here you can get a feeling for a Punta Arenas refresher. Chile's government and press are watching Punta Arenas as a bird in the coal mine of global warming; in 2017, for example, the skiing areas in the nature reserve near by were closed all year round for the first year in ten years due to a shortage of sun.

But for a science platform, there is no access to the necessary information to give us a better insight into the world' s climate change. He quotes the records of Antarctica in March 2015 and the floods in the north of Chile which, in his opinion, are related. The new Southern Fibre Optic connection was recently approved by the chilenean state.

The Punta Arenas will be a hub on around 4,000 km of fiber optics to update the web in the south of Chile. Talking about further submarines to New Zealand and China, the next move is to take advantage of the closeness to Antarctica to give the Antarctic a world-lever. What's next for the town?

Punta Arenas is an island village with a dense immigration mentality that became a major stop in the twenty-first-century and which has a third, lost identity: its tribal legacy. In Manuel Rodriguez Street in the south of the town, new public dwellings are being built for several Patagonia tribes. In Leppe's view, this is a sound development of the Eurocentric self-image of Punta Arenas:

A rewrite of the city's history to include the tribal experiences is also an important part of its drive into the tourist industry as it seeks a lasting beyond it. With this INACH guidebook, you will be guided through the undaunted past of the Punta Arenas little by little.

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