Flights to Kiritimati Christmas Island Kiribati

Kiritimati Christmas Island Kiribati

They are located on Tarawa, Kiritimati and Canton Islands. Cassidy Intl. flight information, terminals, airlines and fares Airport on Expedia. Last-minute return Seattle to Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Kiribati Airfares. Get tickets from South Tarawa to Banana (Kiritimati, Christmas Island) at the best prices.

Please contact airkiribatihon@aol. com Bill Paupe.

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I add some current (March 2012) information to the "Arrival" section of this article, after I have just purchased a working travel pass, and know others who have made the same one. Every 2 wks Majuro flies to Tarawa CW117 and returns the same afternoon.

Next regular flights will be on Monday, March 19 at 5 am, and the journey back will be at 10 am, then on April 2, 2012, etc. The actual cost is USD$330 if the Marshall Islands tickets were purchased. You cannot obtain a one-way pass unless you can prove that you have a transfer or residency/work permits for Kiribati/RMI.

I had found the e-mail that Air Marshall Islands gave me on the telephone at, but I also found, which seems more accurate due to other e-mails from the Marshall Islands, but I haven't yet gotten a response from either. You can reach her on +692 625-3733. The airline (formerly Air Nauru) has just (5 March 2012) resumed flights to Tarawa from Nadi, Fiji.

Arrival - Kiribati for travelers

The city has 3 international gateway. They are situated on Tarawa, Kiritimati and Canton Islands. Nadi's timetable is as follows: DEPARTURE Nadi (Fiji) to Kiritimati (Christmas Island) Tuesday at 23:59 and arrive in Kiritimati (Christmas) at 6:35 on Wednesday so you can fish a whole full days. The following Wednesday the flights will depart from Kiritimati (Christmas) at 4 pm and arrive in Nadi at 6.40 pm the same time.

Honolulu timetable: Departure from Honolulu Tuesdays at 11:59, arrival in Kiritimati (Christmas) on Wednesday at 15:00. Arrival is on Wednesday at 7.35 a.m. and Tuesday at 10.35 a.m. in Honolulu. For all flights departing from Honolulu, please note the dates of all flights and their effects on your flights.

NOTICE: Non-US citizens wishing to visit Kiritimati Island may need a visa to enter the USA when travelling through Honolulu, Hawaii. Now Nauru Airlines offers new flights between Brisbane, Honiara, Nauru and Tarawa. Passengers will be offered a flight back from these locations, which will arrive at Tarawa on Monday mornings, and then depart for Brisbane on Wednesday at 12.00pm.

When you sail or cruise the ocean, why not to the pristine Phoenix Island Protection Area, a haven of safety from the cyclone?

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