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Snorkeling Excursions to Lanai | Lanai Snorkeling Excursions Explore Hawaii's Delfine, discover Hawaii's sea creatures, snorkell off the Lanai coastline and have a lot of time!....

... Accompany the Quicksilver team on their Lanai Snowkel and Dolphin Encounter to an memorable Maui game! Explore Hawaii's delphins, discover Hawaii's sea creatures, go snorkelling off the Lanai coastline, and have a lot of laugh-to!

Ocean Riders Extreme Dolphin Raft Experience in the most thrilling snorkelling in Maui! Have a funny snorkelling experience in Lanai on board the Kaulana!

Private Tour with Neal Rabaca Lanai Tours

Staying on Lanai is the best way to play world-class Golf, Ride, Swim and Snorkel and much more. There is also the option of a half-day or one-day Lanai trip, which takes you to some of the most picturesque and singular places on the isle. We' ve reserved a half days trip with Neal Rabaca Tours.

We started our days at 9am when our travel leader Bruce came to meet us in front of the Koele Lodge (where we spent the night). When we had imagined ourselves, our trip began. As we headed to our first stop, The Garden of the Gods, we were already struck by Bruce's extensive understanding of Lanai Isle.

From Lanai's pines, the story of pineapples and the local population. Arriving at the Gods' Gardens, Bruce took us to a vantage point from which we could see the gorges of the gardens around and the isles of Maui and Molokai in the distant world.

He showed us some interesting rocks reminiscent of characters and gave us detailed information about the rocks and the area. When we finished our trip to the Garden of the Gods we went to the north of the Shipwreck Beach. During the trip on Keomoku Road we heard of tragic historical occurrences in this area in 1778, when Kalaniopu'u, the warrior of the Great Isle of Hawaii, marched into Lanai and almost all of the approximately 4,000 people of Lanai were murdered.

When we were approaching Shipwreck Island, we could see the Au'au Canal, which is located between the isles of Maui and Lanai. When we arrived at Shipwreck we went for a walk on the shore and even saw a turtles (honu). It didn't seem timid and was photographed while swimming on the sun.

Also on the shore we saw interesting cliffs and pebbles. We spent some quality clothing at the Shipwreck Bay and then set off for our third stop - the Munro Trail. He was driving very slow, because the gravel track has some tough spots. The trip ended with a ride through Lanai City.

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