Pacific Islands near Guam

The Pacific Islands near Guam

At the Pacific Islands Club in Guam, Micronesia, set in the picturesque landscape of Tumon Bay, enjoy spacious resort rooms in one of the three towers (Royal Tower, Oceana A, Oceana B) overlooking the Philippine Sea. Pacific Islands Club (PIC) welcomes you to the most spectacular resorts on the Micronesian islands of Guam and Saipan. The University of Pacific Island has no official sports program. But basketball and volleyball are very popular and there are a number of leagues to the homepage of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures. The top Pacific Islands Marianne Island Guam Island.

Guam Pacific Islands Club - 34 photos and 13 reviews - Hotels - 210 Pale San Vitores Rd, Tumon, Guam - Telephone number

It is a nice panoramic sight from the terrace and large rooms for our ancestors. There was also a babies' tank where the younger kids could paddle with the water or sitting in an inner tube with a transparent bottom to see them too........ Several islands in the Pacific and very interesting.

Magnificent views from all places. I' ve just phoned the motel to reserve a room for 5 nights and the services were so terrible. So I asked for a room with sea views and she said because I am a native, they can't give me a room with sea views. For those with kids, I suggest Pacific Islands Club Guam, as their aquatic parks on the islands are unsurpassed.

I' m hoping to be back in the nearhood. Elsewhere, don't go. Also, tried to dine at the Rock n Roll Noodle in the motel. And the only thing I've given this place a star for is the water park. When you' re trapped in this resort, the water park is where you want to be all the time!

The PIC is a beautiful city. They were very kind and obliging all the while. The Pacific Islands Club is aimed at a predominantly Asiatic population. I' had the best period of my whole lifetime in PIC for a whole weeks in a volley ball game. Plain rooms that look kind of old, but they give you the feeling of being insular.

Our team is so kind and SO MUCH UN! And two of the boys took me and my boyfriend out to sea on a cantilever when the sundown. The waterslides and the funny swimming activities were what Lovin' Lovin' Lovin' loved. were very fond of swimming ladders and tug-of-war.

It' also great to spend the nights! Hängematten, weißerand, clear Wasser and good companions. Lovin' this place for the park. When I was very young, my folks took me here all the way and we stayed in the hotels like tourist.

The first thing I recall is going in a small kayak, play table tennis, walk over the swimming mat on the beach to see who can hold out the longest before they lose their equilibrium and fall into the pool, ride the waterslides, lie on a hammock, and so on. It' all there D:The tourist, the kayak, the slides, the swimming pool.

They have free Wi-Fi in the foyer up to the lodge, so I hang out aplenty. The only thing we had to do was spend a nice day in PIC, but in comparison to other places, the room we spent the nights in was the seafront!

Although this has always been one of my favorite Guam hostels! When we visited my brothers here in Guam, my wife and I were at PIC three years ago. We' re having a good one. This was magic for the children who were 4 and 6 years old at the school.

You liked to play miniature-golf. and my 6-year-old was in love with bow and arrow. The " members of the clubs " also spoiled them with small plays and won mussel chains, which is my youngest threshold. It was a frustration that the water slide swimming pools were shut for repair, but my children were so small that they had a lot of enjoyment in the children's pools.

We had many big foam/plastic climbing cats and many youngsters for playing. It was a great way to unwind and have more fun because I knew they took care of the family. I am an experienced traveller who knows that he does not take the trouble to pay for a place at a restaurant and a fire show - especially with a family.

However, as a lookout, from the terrace, every evening - it was beautiful. We' re here this week, living with our buddies, but we have tickets for the pool. Then the children recalled the PIC and wanted to come back! Again we had a great part of the year. They were open this year and the rescue swimmers were as abundant and vigilant as I remember.

Now with 7 and 9 year old childrens, I could card and unwind while the childrens had the rest of their life with their cozies. If you have a child, I suggest the PIC either for a holiday in a nearby resort or just to go to the water park.... now, if there are no child, that's another one.

There' probably better opportunities here on this beautiful little isle. Growing up in the Pacific Islands Club and Guam and watching it rise from 2 swimming pools to a large water park. Whilst the resort itself is a little older, the tropic water park, the beaches and the surrounding area are an ideal place for the family and touring.

If you don't slide on the slides, play beach volley ball or watch the show on the islands.... find an empty Hammock and take a snooze under the palm-tree. Aahh..... a great escape when you visit the isle.

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