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Hotel hasn't reviewed or approved this item. Osterinsel travelling articles by Carole Terwilliger Meyers I' ve gone to the best artists on the island today and he wasn't there. "So, look at the cards I sent from the only little mailroom on Easter Island. Usually I would stamp each one with a memorial stamp representing the mai I had come so far to see it, and I would pay a buck more to put three Easter Islands on my pass.

When I had made a tattoos (the painter was not available), I walked along the powdery road and rummaged through the city market of the only city on the island, the small Hanga Roa, and found a beautiful hand-carved wood shell in the shape of a fishy. I have been fascinated by the enigmatic sculptures of Easter Island, known as the" Moai" (pronounced "moh-eye"), since I was a student of humanities.

The anticipation of this remote island in Polynesia, which lies about 2,300 leagues off the Chilean coastline, impressed me month in front. As this part of an island can only be reached by plane from Santiago, Chile or Papeete, Tahiti, and each journey lasts more than five hour, it is not easily reached (especially if you are sitting next to a child at the front of the beef section).

There are more than 800 mai spread all over the island. Now many of the huge sculptures are standing back in the interior of the island on elevated decks - just as the ancient ones were placed to give their protection mane or their power to the fellowship (the exceptions are a few in the centre of the island that face the sea).

Horse-drawn vehicles are also a favorite way to explore the small triangle island (it is only 13m long and 10mp and is only 1,677ft high. Although I did a led trip on each of the two dates I was on the island, I suggest to take a trip one particular date and explore on my own the other one.

It pleased me that my tour began at the Museo Anthropologico P. Sebastian Englert, after an early island preacher who is entombed next to the city cathedral. We' ve learnt that Rapa Nui - as the island is known in the native tongue, and that means'fertility' - is the only island in Polynesia that has produced a literary world.

Fishy wooden panels decorated with icons are on display, but not decipherable, as the only locals who could interpret them were taken captive by intruders hundreds of years ago and killed as servants in Peru. "in the most intriguing places on the island: The Ahu Nau Nau, a series of seven restored 14th c. moai-four with colourful coloured top knotsâ "above the stunning palm-fringed shore of Anakena; Ahu Tongariki, with 15 mai in a prominent setting on a plateau; and Volcan Rano Raraku, the highest landmark of the island, where 887 rock figures were hewn into the side of the mound (397 are left here uncompleted and 92 lie deserted where they fall as they are moved).

Since we were on the island on a Sunday, we were able to visit Holy mass in the city's humble Romanesque rocky temple. An Irish preacher presented the worship in English as well as in Spanish and Rapa Nui (the national language). We were also lucky in the city when the Matato'a culture show took place (the group is often on the streets around Polynesia).

Though I was sure that it would be a Smart Polynesia reviewer, I was enthusiastic about the energy-packed mixture of storytelling and Rapa Nui dancing, along with modern, infectious dance. On the day I left I was informed that the performer was still asleep. They' re not smiling as much as the Hawaiians and the ghost of Alcoha is missing, but the locals on Easter Island are amiable.

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