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The Easter Island Giant with Ramon Navarro Easter Island's Easter Island is almost as mythical as its story, as triples of ridges are formed and fall onto the riff as prevail. It was Ramon Navarro, Natxo Gonzalez and others who travelled to Rapa Nui to see his new race of huge hunters turning around (and put on a show for the Stein Moai).

In his 1970 movie "Pacific Vibrations", Severson investigates the surfing and sports world. In his 1970 movie "Pacific Vibrations", Severson investigates the surfing and sports world.

The Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project praises Chile's declaration of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Rahui Marine Reserve

SANTIAGO, Chile - The Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project welcomes today's statement by the Rahui Marine Protected Area (MPA), the chilenean Rapa Nui Island Council, on the protection of the water around the legendary Pacific Island, which - like its people - is known as Rapa Nui. President Michelle Bachelet made a statement in 2015 committing herself to the conservation of Rapa Nui water bodies.

MPA, one of the biggest in the global arena, will cover an area of approximately 740,000 km2 (285,716 sq. miles), about the area of Chile. The MPA will safeguard Easter Island from industry, coal mines and other extracting activity within the Chilean EEZ surrounding the island.

Rapa Nui craft fisheries practice - small open boat fisheries with ropes and stones as weight - will be included in the MPA managment plan. Shortly before the beginning of impac 4, in a referenda, the inhabitants of Easter Island were very much in favour of the name, with 73 per cent backing an MPA with Rapa Nui handicraft-fisheries.

In 2015, its heads submitted the first MPA suggestion to the Slovenian authorities. The Easter Island, 4,000 kilometres westward of the main land of Chile, is a UNESCO cultural heritage site, world-famous for its Moai-Statutes. Rapa Nui's effort to build the MPA House for at least 142 types that cannot be found anywhere else, 27 of which are under threat or at risk, will make the inhabitants known as worldwide leader in maritime administration.

Besides a number of native fishes, the Easter Island is an important breeding ground for many of them. "The name marks the beginning of a new era in the island's development and teaches other countries and societies that sea reserves can enhance the resistance of the oceans," added Mr Randmann.

"We' re pleased that Bachelet has appointed the Rapa Nui Rahui MPA, which is protecting one of the last real marine wildlife in the world," said Dona Bertarelli, Co-President of the Bertarelli Foundation. Since 2012, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Bertarelli Foundation have been supporting Rapa Nui's endeavours to conserve the Easter Island's water.

Ocean Legacy's relationship with Rapa Nui has resulted in the most extensive global science evaluation of the island's maritime ecosystem to date and an evaluation of the possible commercial implications of the MPA. Oceans Legacy worked with Rapa Nui guides on educational and vocational opportunities for the locals, facilitating the exchange of culture with other Pacific Islanders and planning the effective control of illicit fisheries.

In 2013, a test of new technology sponsored by Pew and Bertarelli used satellite to track down illegal activity in the Easter Island water. Prior to the launch of Impac 4, only about 3 per cent of the world's seas were sheltered, while only 1.6 per cent were strongly sheltered. Easter Island Marine Reserve and other planned initiatives at the conference will help to increase the number of marine reserves globally.

By 2030, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has adopted the scientists' recommendations to preserve at least 30 per cent of the sea in order to preserve biological diversity, increase the productive capacity of fishing and secure the countless economical, technological and life-supporting advantages of the oceans. Pew Bertarelli Oceans Legacy Project continues to work with community, government, science and interest groups around the globe to achieve this ambition.

In 2017, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Bertarelli Foundation merged to form the Pew Bertarelli Oceans Legacy Project. That endeavor is building on a decade of work by Pew's Global Oceans Legacyinitiative, which has helped reach engagements to protect more than 2. 4 million sq. mls (. 6. 3 million sq. km) of the oceans by working with humanitarian allies, aboriginal groups, community guides, civil servants and academics.

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