Moai Easter

Moy Easter

Archeologists have been confused and confused for centuries by the inexpressive monoliths of Easter Island. The" mysterious" under water moai of Easter Island Usually when you think of Easter Island, you think of Moai. There are other things to do on an isle other than close your eye to the moai. That' s why I was ticklish to find out that there are some killing dives going on on Easter Isle. More precisely, assassin scuba under a" mysterious" submarine moai sculpture.

What if you didn't guess? Easter Isle. However, what remained, besides another water-related stigma on Costner's success story, was an mai. Fibreglass and metallic moai weighing 700 tons, thrown into the sea off Easter Isle by a parachute, used as a props and then deserted for apparition.

This" original" mai finally collapsed. There he is, 14 metres under water, crashed into a heap of corals and consciously looked up. No, I had to handle that (remember, you're not allowed to handle the Moai itself or take the chance of the hanging or anything). The undersea mai.

There were prepubertal fields of corals on the sculpture. In order to substitute the flavour of salted sea cold with fresh, sweetened liquor, I had another glass of Pisco Sour. Eating more than you could see submerged (in Oheho, for the record). It may be my Advanced Open Waters licence, but that doesn't stop me from rising f*&% all the time (your face isn't clear because your face isn't, you idiot).

Nice beach with Moai! - retrospection on Anakena Beach, Easter Island, Chile

It is a lovely little island that you will have almost to yourself if you come early (at least on a day of the week). For such a secluded spot, the seaside resorts are astonishingly well developed. Lovely sand beaches, several beverage stalls, near moai, lollipops of pineapples, souvenirs stalls and palms, if you want less suntan.

Guess there are locker rooms for those who want to go swimming. A must-see in the afternoons after a full days sightseeing of the statue (moai). It is a wonderful stop at the end of a tour floor. It is a wonderful place to have a picknick and a relaxing drink or not.

Bead of Easter Island Rapa Nui. Have you ever been to Anakena Beach?

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