Molokai Vacation

The Molokai Holiday

The Molokai Blue Goose Bed and Breakfast is located in the old plantation town of Maunaloa, surrounded by ranchland cattle and horses. Gated Property offers fully equipped units by the sea for your holiday! Moloka'i - A great holiday for us. - Reflects on Molokai, HI

Part of me wants to keep Moloka'i from you. It' definitely off the well-trodden paths - a much calmer isle than Maui or O'ahu. Moloka'i has about 8000 inhabitants. All over the isle there are no stoplights and it is almost not possible to get misplaced.

Maximum velocity we saw on the isle was 45, but towards the eastern end, it is mostly 35mt. At the eastern end, about 18 leagues outside the city - the city is Kaunakakakai. There was Maui from our house and our sea - 11 mile across the canal.

We wade a few meters into the sea, we could see Lanai Isle. Whalewatching was sensational. We could see them jump into the waters from the bank with their tails and jump out of the waters.

At the Moloka'i Pizza Cafe, Kualapu'u Cookhouse and Hula Shores at Hotel Molokai. It took us a whole afternoon to get around the entire area. Afterwards we went to the viewpoint of Phallic Rock, Coffees of Hawaii, Purdy's Macadamia Nut Farm and Papohaku Beaches. The Papohaku Strand is three mile long, unbelievably unexploited when you pass the beginning of the shore by the parks.

A number of driveways are available to parking and to the sea. When it is a clear sunny morning, you can see O'ahu from Papohaku Strand. So we rented a guidebook and walked into the Halawa Valley to the Halawa Falls. Most of the time the walk was simple. At the waterfalls, you can go swimming before returning.

You have three ways to reach the penninsula - you can enter, take a horseback riding on a horse or walk down. We' ve decided on a walk. It' a three-mile walk to 1700ft. Walking down is not too hard, but hiking up can be a challenge if you're not in top form.

Be sure to take plenty of fresh running tap or take a few flasks along the way. On the way eastwards there are two cathedrals that Father Damien made. There are quite a few cliffs that have been constructed in the sea to prevent the escape of large mammals. We' re on a whale-watching outing.

The majority of our guided tours start at 7:00 am to catch the wind and waves that rise during the workday. Moloka'i residents seem to be very much opposed to a suggested trend in La'au Point. Most of the houses around the islands have colourful, hand-painted plates that protest against the developments, and we have photographed as many as possible.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you would like to have any information about the hut we have hired, the guides with whom we have hiked to Halawa Falls, the ship on which we have watched whales, or other queries about Moloka'i.

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