Sawa I Lau Limestone Caves Fiji

Sava I Lau Limestone Caves Fiji

Sawailau's majestic caves are a must for travellers visiting Fiji's spectacular Blue Lagoon. In order to reach the inner limestone cave of Sawa-i-Lau, you have to dive under a rocky curtain and swim through an underwater tunnel. A visit to the Sawa-i-lau caves is a must in Fiji. Sawa-i-Lau Island takes half an hour to reach. This picturesque old limestone caves are located on the island of Sawa-i-Lau in the Yasawa archipelago, home of the famous Blue Lagoon.

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Yasawas' core The magnificent Sawailau Caves are a must for travelers to Fiji's stunning Blue Lagoon. These old limestone rock caves, cut by continuous waves, are hiding in an islet. Sawailau's holy caves are also known as the burial place of the ten-headed old Fiji divine Ulutini.

A very nice cruise to the caves is worthwhile from your Blue Lagoon resorta. Then, there is the magic of the caves themselves - dare yourself into the caves, led by kind Fijians to discover the mysteries in them. Please note: Some Full Monty activity is only available at certain locations, so the location will determine the activity you can do.

Fiji's famed limestone cavern diving requires bravery

In order to reach the inner limestone cavern of Sawa-i-Lau, you have to go under a cliffy veil and go swimming through an submerged channel. Both are under the sea and in pitch-black dark at high water. When there is less than one flood, the "curtain" is only a few centimeters out of the sea.

It takes a little bit of guts to scratch your mind in the darkness under the isle opposite the Nabukeru town, in the Yasawas range of Fiji, along the rug. However, only by attending this inner sanctuary, says the Fijian villagers who are awaiting us, can we actually reach the Yasawas, the Yasawas, the islands formed by a tragic mistake that leads to the South Pacific on the northwestern edge of Fiji.

Not until you have been to this cavern, says the villagers, can you say that you were with the Yasawas. It is clear and, although it is not freezing, it is crunchy, one or two degree colder than the 26° in the Pacific that feed the caves underground. Outside cavern is a high attrium.

The largest part of the 20 meter long room is little more than a small distance between the ocean at every flood and the limestone rooftop. After a 45 -minute drive from Tavewa Lagoon to the southeast we are welcomed by Lucy, who is the host.

It was their partystrick to climb the steep cliffs inside the external cavern and to fall into the waters, while the visitor swarm under them. Lucy now leads us, like on a construction site, to the cavemen on the cement staircase that leads to the caves.

These leaders point out the caves and their perils again before they lead us down the steps to fall two meters into the external cavern, where the waters are about three meters underwater. They are controlling the entrance to the inner cavity by permitting half a dozen at once through the underground passage.

The Tavewa campus in the southern hemisphere has four or five long open tinnie, each transporting up to a half a million people. The steersman, from Joe's Water Taxi, will take us directly across the canal into the leeward bank of the north bank and on to the caves on the rocky isle at the east end of the isthmus.

The majority of the memorabilia look like they were sent from the North. The Yasawas, an area known for its countless budget retreats that target the packer and the budgeted traveler, are many other sign of advancement around the Yasawas. Together with a main spire on Nacula near by, the Tavewa spire provides powerful and dependable cell telephone coverage and broadband connection to the Yasawa centre.

A lot of our host family have their children at our schools on the southern island, and our resort has an office in Lautoka, on the continent. Native people were commissioned to construct the tower, and Api, who together with his wifes La, Otto and Fanny's nieces Otto and Fanny's administers, now has a second task in the on-site service of the two Digicel-roofs.

With 17 resort locations around Tavewa Lagoon, from upscale Turtle Island, just a little further southwards, to backpacking facilities such as Sunrise Lagoon, Safe Landing, Coral View and Oarsman's Lodge. Priceworthier than backpackers, Otto and Fanny's, on the palm-heavy tip of Tavewa, is renowned for Aunt Fanny's tea afternoons (ice creams for the pie of the night, alternating hot choco and banana).

While most of these less expensive hotels are not known for their foods, except in a bad way, Otto and Fanny turn it upside down: Eating is one of their forte. Harry Doughty, Fanny and Otto's sons, a cook who has been cooking at the hotel for over 10 years.

Contrary to some other resort, Otto and Fanny's does not try to bind the visitors to food packages: you are paying for what you have. At the center of the square in relation to the prize, a 1. 7 km swimming across the canal of Otto and Fanny's, is the classy Nanuya Island Resort, with a tens of bureans and another sensation.

This four and a half hours drive just off Port Denarau winds through the Mamanucas (Ma-ma-newthas) before reaching the south tip of the Yasawas and heading for up to 10 villages on the way up to Tavewa, two thds. There is clear and secure waters, the cliffs are light, colorful and colorful, the sea is clear, and a full moon with swim, dive, read on the shore, visit to the caves and villages makes you feel like being chanted to sleeping by the lullabies of the groaning palm trees.

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