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ASSOCIATION CONTACT OTAGO FIJIAN STUDENTS Paul Suguturaga Logo. The Fiji is an image processing package - a "battery-powered" distribution from ImageJ that contains many plug-ins that facilitate scientific image analysis. We have created a sustainable fishing movement in Fiji with social marketing, our own creative team and champions like Lisala Waqalala.

The COP23 logo introduced in Fiji

Fiji's Prime Minister and future President of COP 23, Frank Bainimarama, presented the logo for this year's United Nations Conference on Global Warming in Bonn in November. Today's logo shows the fragility of small islands to the effects of climatic changes, such as rising ocean levels and increased wind force intensities.

Featuring a partly immersed islet and a massive surge descending on it, it is designed to increase consciousness of the insecure futures of many lower situated isles and even coastlines worldwide. In Fiji, the logo was the object of a nationwide contest with prices for the winners and the runners-up.

Ronna Sekiguchi, who heads the Green House Studios firm, designed the winner. Prime Minister and the new COP23 President Bainimarama commended the many designs submitted in a presentation address at the awards presentation, during which the logo was revealed. There is a need for us all to come together to develop partnership for mitigation measures between government, civic groups and the public can.

To work together to make endangered countries like Fiji more climate-proof," he said. Mr Bainimarama added that Fiji was looking forward to the challenge of taking over the Chairmanship of COP 23. Maintaining the multi-lateral agreement in the Paris Agreement to significantly reduce CO2 emission is a key objective for the forthcoming EU Council President.

It is another to maintain the impetus for its realisation with a tidal stream of mitigation measures that any cosmopolitan can join. There is a clear fit between the COP23 logo achievement and this objective. "Congratulations to Fiji on the participatory and open way of finding the logo.

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