Island of Moorea French Polynesia

Moorea Island French Polynesia

More artists are from Moorea than any other island in French Polynesia. Moorea's inner wave climate, French Polynesia. In the heart of the beautiful bay of Opunohu on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. a) Island of Moorea, French Polynesia. ( b) Location of the measuring points on the north bank of Moorea.

Mo'orea Travels

Depart from your motel at around 9:00am or between 8:00am and 8:30am on a ferry, experience the story and explore the area' s cultural heritage, while your travel leader begins your all-day trip with a little story - an anecdote told by your forefathers in the first seafarers' and missionaries' book.

Find out how Valais settled the island almost 250 years ago, how verbal tradition was living and how Queen Marau, among others, made sure that these were not forgotten and that the memoirs were made up. Then immerse yourself in the past in the tracks of Valais, Cook, Bougainville, the Bounty rebellion and above all the great soldiers and heroic figures who have made their mark on the world.

Following in the tracks of your ancestor, you will explore Cook's Bay, the maras, the peaks and the temple, as well as Opunohu Bay, the estate of the hoteliery, which is home to several orchards: oranges, limes, citrus, lemon, grapefruits, avocados aguavas. Prior to departure, try the tasty marmalades prepared in high schools and make a final stop at a nearby juicing plant where you can enjoy tasty noodles.

Return to the lodge or ferry around 4 pm (except on Sunday).

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The Moorea [7] is an island in the Society Islands only a few kilometres off the north west coastline of Tahiti. The Moorea has no "cities", although there are several small and medium-sized town. If you enter a town, you will see an offical street-plate with the name of the town you are in.

If you leave the town, you will see the same place name but the place name has an "X" above it. Moorea is the place to be if you are planning to visit French Polynesia on a reasonable price. Like Tahiti, Moorea is less expensive and less touring. Everyone talks Tahitian and French.

From Papeete take the high velocity Aremiti. It is only 1500 expf (as of August 2016), a few dollars more than the slower, lasts half the period, and it is much more seaworthy. There may be a canal between the isles. Please review the Aremiti timetable or Air Tahiti timetables on their web sites as they change every day and at weekends.

There' s a major ring around the island, which lasts about anhour ( or two hrs by bus) to go in a group. It is possible to hire a scooter for a whole days for about $50 US$ and ride around the island in a few short hrs without worrying about it.

The Le Truckervice around the island was stopped. The island has a restricted public transport network - two busses hit the approaching Aremiti boat and then drive to Le Petit Village in the northwest of the island, one over the southern and the other over the northern coastline, both distances are about 30 km long and take about 50 mins.

The same busses leave from Le Petit Village (near the petrol stations ) about two hour before the planned timetable for the boat. Remember that crossings are almost every day, so you can best estimate the estimated timetable by looking up the ferry's estimated timetable and adding the appropriate timetable (i.e. if you are halfway between the boat and Le Petit Village, please note that you will need to enter 25 minutes).

The other way, determine the timetable of the boat, deduct two hour (when the Le Petit Village busses leave) and calculate the additional travel from Le Petit Village to your area. When you take the Le Petit Village coach, you arrive slightly less than two hour before the boat - sometimes the busses run up to 15-20 min before their planned sailing times.

When you take the streetcar, just turn it down - there are almost no marked buses on the island. Understand that sometimes even the coach driver is puzzled about the times for the ferries for the day and can give incorrect advices - always rely on the Aremiti timetable.

Few of Moorea and more populous towns have banking facilities. Opposite the boat is a pizzeria that is well deserved to be visited. It is run by a French married pair who do not speak French, but the menus have British descriptions and the hams and pineapples are very recommendable.

Near the Club Bali and the Moorea Pearl Resort there are also great pizzerias. We' re either going to strike when we've been to Moorea. It' s a very costly thing to drink in French Polynesian pubs. Few really inexpensive places on Moorea and they are usually near the northwestern edge of the island.

The Moorea has almost no major crimes. Strange things can be taken along, like the old trainers you leave outside to wipe the nights before you leave, which force you to make a trip to the coach stop because you have no other shoes to make the street go up the street, and the sidewalk is a million degree and there's shattered jar in the edge, and then buy $20 dollars worth of slip flop to carry them on the airplane.

Moorea may have a serious issue with drink-driving (guilty with travellers and natives alike) because of the shortage of dependable means of transport and the ridiculously high cost of taxis. Be especially careful when exploring the island's only asphalted street on foot or by bicycle after nightfall; it becomes pitch-black and can be very hazardous away from the major towns (where you may also be enticed to run or bike in the centre of the street due to the amount of shards of cullet on your shoulders).

You can also find some islands around Moorea.

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