Tuamotus Tahiti

Tahiti Tuamotus

Tuamotu Islands are located northeast of Tahiti. On this luxurious cruise on the Paul Gauguin, visit the beautiful South Pacific islands of Huahine, Tuamotu Archipelago, Bora Bora, Taha'a and Moorea. A number of supply ships were sighted, bringing food and supplies from Tahiti to the atolls. ("Travel Details") Discover Tahiti & her islands with our Stylish & Atypical Tuamotus Atoll accommodation package. The Tuamotu Archipelago is a large group of islands, mostly represented by atolls, which form the largest atoll chain in the world.

Tahiti, the Society Islands & Tuamotus

Date of departure: Dive into the breathtaking Society Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago's nature haven on this unique itinerary. Elegant and refined, Gauguin is your travel companion to the most unbelievable places in the South Pacific, from Bora Bora Bora Bora to Rangiroa's vast Laguna. Scuba diver travelling with us between December and March will experience the thrill of seeing shoals of shoals of hammerheads, eagles and stingrays in their habitat.

Enjoy a restful outing on Motu Mahana, our own island, full of sandy whitewashed shores, staggering palms, a barbeque luncheon, coconut beverages and a swimming pool pub. Discover Bora Bora on your own - go to our luxurious sandy shore with volley ball, snorkelling, kayak or paddleboarding, or choose an option four-wheel drives or aquabiking or glassbottom boating game.

Itineraries - Tahiti, the Society Islands & Tuamotus

Polynesia's islets are a beautiful set of vulcanic clefts scattered across the Great Pacific, and the Isle of Tahiti is the biggest of the 118. Discover the vibrant food, night life and shops in the capitol Papeete before setting off for the Gauguin. Famous as "Garden Island", Huahine's luxuriant rain forests and scenic grounds encircle holy places and iconic symbols that are among the best-preserved archaeological places in Polynesia.

For those who would rather remain ashore, you can visit enchanting towns, antique churches and a nineteenth cent. town. Yangiroa is the biggest of the Tuamotu archipelago, consisting of 78 islands of corals spread over several hundred mile. Swim, snorkel and kayak or just relax on the beaches with a cool drink from our afloat bars.

An enchanting pail schedule target for many breathtaking Bora Bora greets you with sumptuous summits, sandy whitewater shores, colourful reindeer corals and romantically beautiful lakes. Enjoy the islands unspoilt beauties with an option snorkel trip, a jet boat trip at dusk or a helo trip flying over Bora Bora's famous mountain Otemanu.

Buy handicraft locally, take an option to observe dolphins with a sea breeder and try the tastiest pineapple in the world. Tahiti's capitol Papeete greets you with green slopes, saphire water and a hot breeze.

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