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For general information about Molokai Island, please visit the official media site of the Molokai Visitors Association. The Molokai Fun Facts are a good way to research your next school report or get information for your next holiday. The Molokai is one of the most beautiful and spiritual places we have ever visited. Molokai Hotel, Kaunakakakakai: "Hello, I read your harbour about Molokai. Many books exist about Molokai, Kalaupapa, Damien and the exiled souls he served.

The Molokai Fun facts

The Molokai is said to be the birth place of Hula. The Molokai is 1.3 to 1.8 million years old and the fifth biggest of Hawaii's 8 major isles. Molokai's populace is about 7400. The Molokai is 38 nautical mile long and 10 nautical mile broad. Molokai's area is 260.02 sq m.

The Molokai has the highest rocks in the whole wide open. On the Molokai, the highest point is Mount Kamakou, which is 4,970ft high. The Molokai has 88 leagues of unspoilt shoreline. 1866 the first survivors of Hanson's Leprosy were sent to Kalaupapa to isolate them from the remainder of the Isle.

The Kalaupapa was separated from the remainder of the archipelago on three sides by the Pacific and on the 4th side by 1600 feet high crags. There are no stoplights, no supermarkets and no sky scrapers on Molokai. The Molokai has the biggest populations of real Hawaiians of all of Hawaii' islands and is sometimes referred to as the Hawaii' Isle.

The Molokai has 106 leagues of coastline with only 6 safe swimming spots. There' only 7 hotels and the biggest city, Kaunakakakakai is only 3 blocs long.

There' s nothing tourist about Molokai.

The Molokai is one of the most wonderful and spiritually rich places we have ever been. There are the highest rocks in the worid, luxuriant rainforest, a captivating story and a people of so many people. There' s nothing tourist about Molokai. A few of the high points of our voyage were a stroll to a ploteria orchard, a kayaking excursion, a hawala valley cruise and a hike on a 3 plus miles long path from the top of the stunning ocean cliff to Kalaupapa Penninsula at the foot of the island.

Sandis was very worried about horse back rides on a burros, but the stunning view relieved all her despair. We would like to thank the Molokai Visitor's Association for welcoming us on this unbelievable journey! Forever Molokai will occupy a privileged place in our heart. Here is a hyperlink to our whole Molokai Photoalbum.

What's your favourite Hawaii game? These are some of our other Molokai adventures: That' Vicky Akins, we' re crazy about her! I am a little prejudiced, but I concur that Molokai's beaut! It' one of my favourite places in the whole wide oceans.

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