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Guesthouses in Fiji. 5- Guesthouses in Fiji.

This is a preferred real estate. Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat also provides WiFi in common areas with a separate whitewashed shore and a spas and wellnesscenter. Iceland Villas in Pacific Harbour has BBQ possibilities and a backyard. The local personnel can organise the transfer.

Every day there is a continuous breakfasts on the plot. Set in Lautoka, Village beachfront residence with a Fiji hosts a fjord and has a private courtyard. The local personnel can organise the transfer. The rooms are equipped with a sitting area. In Suva, the summer cottage on the islands provides a private backyard.

The 4-star guesthouse provides stowage for your baggage. In the guesthouse each room has a writing table and a TV. BeeHive Fiji has a Swimmingpool, a Gardens and a Bars in Rakiraki. The rooms in the guesthouse are equipped with a sitting area. They could also be enjoying this kind of real estate:

So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site. During the overnight stays on the premises, visitors can see how calm the room is, how kind the personnel is and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn. Before we add them to our site, we test for bad words and authenticate all our visitors' ratings.

Law on hotels and guest houses[Cap 195]

The law can be quoted as a hotel and guesthouse law. A hotel concession authority shall be established, consisting of a chairperson and four other members nominated by the Minister. 2. The Minister may nominate a Registrar and other members of the Bureau as he deems necessary.

3. The Chairperson and the members of the Executive Board shall serve for a maximum of three years, but may be reappointed. 4. All Board of Directors shall be chaired by the Chairperson or, in his inability to attend, by the member elected by the other members present.

Constituency of a resolution shall be passed by three members of the Board at each Board of Directors session. The Board of Directors shall normally meet in open court, but the Board may withdraw to consider each resolution privately and may, in its sole and exclusive judgment, meet or make a motion to it in person.

Paragraph (7) In all board sessions the decisions are taken by a simple majority of the members present. If there is a tie, the Chairperson or another chairperson shall have a second or decisive voice. 8. The Board may determine its own procedures, provided that the law so provides.

9) The Executive Board shall arrange for its activities to be duly recorded. 1. no rooms may be used as a motel unless the caretaker has a license for the rooms. 2. No one shall maintain or administer rooms for the purposes of a hotel unless he or she is the owner of a license for such rooms.

3. The Board may, at its own free decision, grant the Managing Director licenses for all rooms against receipt of the required fees: Assuming that - a) no license refers to more than one property and b) no executive has more than one license at a while.

4. Licenses shall be governed by the terms and condition as determined in each case by the board, and these terms and condition shall be specified in or annexed to the license. 5. Each certificate shall be issued in an appropriate format and for a term of one year from the date of grant.

6. Each license shall be issued and kept in its entirety in a clearly visible place to which all users of the accommodation have inaccessible. a) that the property is of a good nature and has a qualified individual to manage and manage a property and that the property or part of it is not being operated as a disordered property or for illicit or unethical uses; b) that the property is in all aspects appropriate for use as a hotel:

a) Nothing in this Subpart shall in any way preclude the Board from, in its sole judgment and for any cause, denying the restoration of an abandoned license; b ) if an authorisation granted by a municipal public body for a property is stayed, canceled or revoked in accordance with the Health Act, and in this case an authorisation granted in accordance with that Act shall be considered to be stayed (in the case of stay of authorisation) or revoked (in the case of stay of absence or revocation of authorisation), and if the authorisation is stayed for more than three consecutive and uninterrupted periods in accordance with the terms of this subparagraph, it shall be considered to be revoked and shall be revoked after those three consecutive periods of stay.

2. No license shall be stayed for more than three uninterrupted month and if a license is not recovered by the end of such uninterrupted time, it shall be canceled. 3. If a license has been canceled, no request by any individual for a new license for the location to which the canceled license relates or for a license to be issued to the owner of the canceled license may be filed or maintained for at least four month after the date of the canceled license, provided that the board may, in its sole judgment, permit an immediate request for a new license to be issued by any individual, which includes the owner of the canceled license.

4. Suspending or giving notice pursuant to paragraphs (1), (2) or (3) shall not take effect until fourteen workingdays from the suspension or notice date. Paragraph (5) If notice of termination has been appealed within the fourteen-day time limit provided for in § 8, termination shall not take effect until the action has been decided.

Each petitioner to the Board or any individual involved in a Board of Directors motion to terminate or revoke a license, or any objection to the granting or renewing of a license, or any individual seeking to request the suspension or revoke a license, has the right to be hear by the Board, to request proof and to be served by legal representation.

Anyone who has been harmed by the Board's failure to issue or reissue a license, or by the revocation of a license, may lodge a written complaint with the Minister within fourteen workingdays of that refusal or revocation, whose ruling is not the object of an appeals or judicial review:

On the condition that any injured party, if it is not satisfied with the aforementioned rejection of the Management Board as being faulty in a legal matter, can only lodge an objection to a legal matter in written only within the aforementioned fortnight. Each caretaker shall keep or have kept a list of all visitors to the accommodation in an appropriate manner and submit it to the chairperson or to a representative of the chairperson or to a policeman authorized in written notation.

Paragraph (2) Any executive or other individual who neglects to keep or have kept a record or presents it to the chairperson or an authorized representative or a policeman shall be found to have committed a criminal offense and shall be punished with the sanctions specified in § 10 para. 2.

1. Any persons who causes or permits the use of space as a resort, or who maintains or administers or has administered or administered the space, structures, caravans or houses on bicycles for the purposes of a resort, in contravention of the requirements of paragraph (1) or (2) of paragraph (4), shall be liable to and be bound by a criminal act under this Act,

for the first sentence, a maximum of one thousand US dollar and for each further sentence, a maximum of two thousand US dollar or a maximum term of three years or such forfeiture. 2. Anyone not complying with any of the other requirements of this Act or any provision adopted under this Act shall be considered to have been convicted of a criminal act and shall be punishable, on first sentence, by a maximum of three hundred US dollar fines and, on any further sentence, by a maximum of five hundred US dollar fines or by a maximum of one year in prison or by such fines and imprisonment:provided that any prior sentence for an offences referred to in paragraph (1) shall be dealt with as a first sentence within the meaning of this Subpart.

3. In the event of the deaths or other compulsory incapacitation for work of a crèche, the Board may authorise the assignment of the license issued by this director to another individual upon request twenty-one working day after the deaths of another incapacitation for work, without prejudice to any other provisions of this Act,

shall not be considered a criminal act if no licencee for a property is not a resident of a property as a consequence of the deaths of an administrator for a term of one year from that date or only on account of a non-resident who manages or manages a property for a term of one year from the date of the deaths or the onset of such an inability.

1. Whenever a persons liability for a fine or misdemeanour (including the termination or termination of a licence) for any act, negligence, abandonment or non-performance under the terms of this Act or under the terms of this Act, they shall be obliged to be tried for any similar act, provision, negligence or non-performance of any of their agents or servants engaged in their activities and to be fined or forfeited the same.

2. Any persons who appear to be working in a particular establishment shall be considered for the purpose of this section as representatives or servants of the caretaker and/or the proprietor or occupant of the establishment in the performance of their duties. This Act does not govern spaces or classes of spaces that are excluded by the requirements of this Act.

and the by-laws of the Board of Directors. This regulation can be quoted as a guesthouse and hotels regulation. Requests for the granting or renewing of a license for use as a guest house in accordance with the law shall be made in the format of the First Directory and shall be submitted to the secretary of the board of management of the guest house at least 90 calendar days before the day on which the license is due to begin or be renewed:

Assuming that the Chairman may shorten this 90-day time limit if he deems it justified and appropriate. The notification of lodging of applications for licences or renewals shall be made public once in two successive week in a Fiji publication in the format indicated in the Second Directory.

Unless there are slight changes, the legal authorization to maintain and administer a property is laid down in the Third Directory. The guestbook of the Promoter, which shall be kept in accordance with 9 of the Act, shall be in the format or formats which the Presiding Officer may from case to case authorize or order for each individual Promoter:

a) Each registration must contain complete and precise information about each hotel guest: - (i) the name of the visitor (ii) the constant postal adress ( (iii) his citizenship ("iv") the length of the guest's visit ) (v) the visitor's name.

Any registrations relating to a host Family can only be made by the Chief of the Families, but must otherwise contain all the above information about each member of the host Families; b) to avoid any doubts, it is hereby stated that the host may authorise or order the use of different types of registries in different establishments, each of which must contain all the information referred to in subparagraph (a).

Notwithstanding the above, any party who makes a faulty or partial registration or causes or deliberately permits a faulty or partial registration in a hospitality registry shall be liable to a criminal offense. Charges to be borne when a license is issued or renewed shall be as laid down in the scheme laid down in the 4th list:

If the facilities for which a permit is granted or renovated are within the limits of a city, the Board shall reimburse the fees levied for the permit to the municipal councils of that city. In the case where the requester and the suggested seat are the same individual, the words "the requester" may be added here instead; (v) Enter the full name and full name of the requester and the full name of the requester; (vi) Enter the full name and full name of the requester here.

To the best of your ability, add the words "I have" instead, including the words "has" immediately after the blank; (vii) Enter here any known reasonable imprisonment or conviction; (viii) Enter here the number of persons for whom a place to sleep will be available at the appropriate time.

All other information which the proposer deems helpful may be provided together with the request and the Board may request further information before consulting the request.

Secretary, Hotels Licensing Board, Suva. With the above format, a contract notice may ( if modified ) be issued for a number of notifications or for a specific notification only.

By exercising the rights conferred upon it pursuant to 5 (1) of the law, the authority responsible for the concession of hotels hereby permits -. i) for the purposes of a hospitality, administer the facilities known and located as and................................................................................................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................. for one year and the following year.

The specific terms and condition of each license are listed below. i) Enter the full name of the license holder management; (ii) Enter the name of the property to be licenced; (iii) Enter the mailing information or where the property is located.

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