Metvene or methvin can refer to it: The Methven Family Wines is known for its boutique wines such as Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir. The Rua is the next generation of shower technology from Methven. Methven is a snow sports town in winter.

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Methods (M?ori: Piwakawaka[2]) is a small city in the Canterbury area of New Zealand's South Island. Situated on the west side of the Canterbury Plains, 35 kilometers northern of Ashburton. Initially it was the head of a small side track from the Main South Line.

From Rakaia it went via Lauriston and Lyndhurst to Methven and was run from 1880 to 1976. The city is a country side services city all year round, but it changes a lot in winters. Mt Hutt ski field is about half an hours from Methven, the nearest city.

Mt. Hutt is Methven's secondary modern and has a very much-loved outdoor pursuit classes that attract student from all over the world. Also Methven was used as a basis for the occupation and for the shooting of Edoras (further inland), for The Lord of the Rings. The Methven has three of them.

28% Less Power Shower with Methven

The Rua is the next wave of methven showers. Rua offers a warm, energizing and pleasurable bathing session with a classy look that guarantees guests' jealousy and unparalleled water-saving technologies for better bodycover. Rua's form is geometrically designed to soften the look of the slightly curved edge showers, giving your bath a truly original and modern look.

The Rua produces larger drops of hot air which produce up to 20% more spraying power than traditional showers*. The Rua has twice the hiding power of a traditional shower*. This means twice the amount of moisture in case of exposure to the epidermis at a certain point in it. We as an isolated country consider the protection of our most valuable asset - our waters - to be of the utmost importance.

The scarcity of fresh air is a reality in many parts of the globe and it will not improve if we do nothing. Less tap for your day to day showers is a good base. However, for many it is difficult to offer a great bath. That' s why we have developed Rua - a showersystem that offers an extraordinary showering adventure and will help you use less time.

Do not make any compromises when showering. Use less tap running is not much good for the enviroment if you need to use more hot tap running hot to keep your bathing enjoyment great. Much more hot tap for your bathroom - more power to keep you warmed up. Showering in the "fog/cloud" style and using conventional water-saving heads tends to cooling down quickly after being showered out of the same.

Firstly, you can change your current handshower - simply plug Rua into your current line or use the one we supplied. Secondly, Rua can be used as a water jet and installed using the connection. Bulkhead mount and plug are included - you don't need to buy them seperately.

Notice: We supply all the necessary equipment for installation: tube, movable bracket and bracket. Wherever you are in the oceans, if you have a Rua showers, you are linked to New Zealand. In Methven's production plant in Auckland, 115 local staff work and 14 members of the company's own research and development teams are in charge of the products' appearance.

Most of our staff lives in the area, which is why we put a great deal of energy into preserving the local waters and protecting the gamelife. The Rua hand showers are all made at our Auckland, New Zealand plant, which means that we have full mastery of the Rua hand showers production processes.

We' ve learnt that covering, passage and heat are what makes a great showers. The use of the available hot tap waters is significantly improved in order to provide the operator with HEAT and SENSATION: This is a short history of the development of showers technolog. Using AquaJet-tech, it is possible for the company to increase spraying power* by up to 20%.

There is twice as much moisture in the body that comes into direct sunlight: it has twice as much moisture as the skin*: The Rua uses concealed spray heads that create single streams of hot and cold air that meet exactly angulated areas within the sleek outlines of the shower head. In this instant of impact, the flow of liquid flows over the edges of the canal and starts out of the canal, making for breathtaking jet lag.

As the scarcity of available drinking waters is a worldwide problem, the development of Rua focused on saving and using them efficiently. We made it - Rua is the first aura jet cleaner that uses less than 1.8gsm. Rua allows us all to take better charge of our own drinking habits by simply taking a quick bath.

Conserving tap and hot tub is no longer a poor showering pleasure - we have made sure of that. It' s important that we do everything in our power to improve this very intimate aspect and provide the best possible showering time. Traditional showering usually distributes the flow of air in scarce, irregular flows, resulting in irregular physical activity and localised strength.

Five gallons of watermark per second. Others can conserve irrigation but often the enjoyment is undermined. Faint fog and cloud can loose more quickly. That means less warmness and therefore a worse overall showers overall sensation. The Rua is a water-saving and uncompromisingly safe showers.

It is the way we make one of a kind enthusiasts to offer a truly astonishing bathing pleasure without consuming more of it. While we have had Aurajet for several years, our Rua designs represent a significant advance in conserving time. For an easy way to enhance your bathrooms, just remove your old mobile phone and attach a Rua stand-alone hand set for a truly energizing bath ing sensation.

Notice: We supply all the necessary equipment for installation: tube, movable bracket and bracket. When you have a showers, you can use a plug and the bracket to connect Rua. It is possible to set the corner of the showers for better efficiency.

Rhododendron Methven began in 1886 as an steel and brassmaking company in Dunedin and was engaged in the production of munitions for the New Zealand army during the years of the 1939-1945 world wars. But we' re still a group. There have been methven for several years.

If we succeed, a good initiative will help us to make more Europeans more sensitive to the problem of scarcity of drinking and to the technology that will help to resolve it.

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