What Currency do they use in Vanuatu

Which currency do they use in Vanuatu?

Though no longer in circulation, the banknotes were introduced into the Vanuatu currency for some time. Port Vila and Luganville are in fact the only places where you can do this. Caution against suspicious behavior and use common sense. Prevent large crowds, protests and public demonstrations as they could become violent. Aussie Dollar & Vanuatu Vatu Currency Information.

When' s the best season to go?

When' s the best season to go? Though there is no such thing as a poor season to go to Vanuatu, the best travel period is from May to September, when the wheather is hot and sunshiny, but less damp and therefore more pleasant. Others fly internationally to Port Vila on the Efate Islands, with taxi and shuttles to the continental-resort.

Vanuatu is easily accessible thanks to the use of taxi and buses, which provide inexpensive transportation according to regular but non-scheduled timetables. Locals are very authentic and considerate and the brief flights from Australia are appealing to those traveling with a kid, but there are not so many resort sites with children's nightclubs or child-friendly amenities.

Will it cost you dearly if I get to Vanuatu? Vanuatu is not regarded as inexpensive but also not as'cheap'. Australians can count on similar rates for eating and drinking as at home. Vanuatu has a large selection of self-catering accommodations and the number of stores and hypermarkets (on Port Vila's Hauptstraße ) that can help you reduce your meal costs.

When you want to explore the crystalline water and colorful sea corals of Vanuatu, we suggest you bring some boots to keep your foot safe from potentially hot corals. Have you got an ATM and can I use my debit cards? Must I tip in Vanuatu? No, tip or negotiate is not the rule here, with a grin or a simple'thank you' as a tip enough.

Is Vanuatu restricted in the purchase of alcoholic beverages and how is the ale? There' s a large selection of Australian, New Zealand and Europe imports, but the regional droplet, Tusker, is very good and cheaper as there is a high tariff on imports. For entry into Vanuatu, all travelers from abroad need a travel document that must be in force at least six month after your arrival in your home city.

Vanuatu Resort offers WiFi included in most of the Vanuatu resort offers WiFi connection on your own devices. The Vanuatu has global satellites, 24-hour telephones, facsimile, e-mail and web connections with telephones, text and facsimile in offices and hotels as well as an cybercafé along the highways. To use your own cell phones in Vanuatu, you must contact your operator to find out your routing state.

In Vanuatu can I use my standard power sockets? Like Australia and New Zealand, Vanuatu has 230V, three-pin connectors, while some of our resort have 110V for electrorazors. How about duty-free? Vanuatu is in the tropical regions and although it never gets really "hot", it can certainly sense this because of the damp.

A lot of travelers to the tropical regions get a slight stomach ache. It may not be the tropical blame, but a shift in timezone and nutrition, and the physical doesn't like it (who has a full meal every morning and some additional beverages at home?

More powerful than other places in the Pacific, Vanuatu is easily available - the package material is even fine to take home. Which are the most common language versions? Vanuatu has three "official" tongues - English, French and Bislama. Shall I take my malarial pills? No anti-malarial pills are necessary for a Vanuatu vacation, but insecticides can be useful for the comforts.

The physicians will tell you that Vanuatu is a'malaria country', but nowadays it is only on the Outlands, not in Port Vila or Luganville. And Vanuatu is a humble Christian land and a no. And if I loose my pass? In the event of losing your pass, the Australian High Commissioner's number is +678 22 777 and the New Zealand High Commissioner's number is +678 22 933.

Will Qantas divide codes with Air Vanuatu? Yes, Qantas shares the transceiver with Air Vanuatu if you wonder why you had a Qantas tickets but were on the NF air. Air Vanuatu's aircraft is maintained once a Week by Qantas in Brisbane. Is it possible to buy Reef Shoes in Vila?

They are not costly and can be bought in Port Vila and/or Luganville for 12-15AUD. Busses have a'B' in front of the license plates and are abundant - they also drive from gate to gate for 150 VT through the city. What is the time zone? Vanuatu can be rainy and most resort have a colorful parasol in the room or at the front desk.

But if they don't, they are less than $10 in China shops. However you choose, in the tropical regions it is important to hydrate a lot to have it. There' s a high level of limescale in the Port Vila waters, so you can get blank spots in your tee or your Showerrose can get blocked (a staple will sort that out).

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