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Vanuatu tips from Dani Stevens " Vanuatu Vanuatu has something for everyone. Lively nautical sea, encircled by lush greenery that will amaze you at every turn, is the best way to describe Vanuatuatu' s waterhole, just 45 minutes by car from Port Vila. Blaue Lagune is an astonishing tone of blueness that I have never seen before, and its tranquil sea seemed to hover, unwind and refresh.

A jump into the pool on the ropeswing is a must and definitely a good one for the whole group. At a small admission price of about AUD$4 there is really no apology for not visiting this sky. If you can take a trip off the well-trodden paths instead, why go or take a coach trip to the vanuatu caves?

Canoeing trips in folk art galleries are available from the Riri River estuary, taking you through the luxuriant jungles and fishing lakes to the Blue Lagoon waterhole. Wrap some lunch for a picknick to savour while enjoying the unbelievable view of Vanuatu.

Efate cannot be visited without visiting the Tranquillity Island Village, which operates the Tranquillity Island Conservation Program. In the winter garden they look after more than 200 small giant tortoises. Loggerhead tortoises are regarded as particularly threatened and at risk in their first year of life. It was an astonishing and moving experiance to see the newly born tortoises and if one is fortunate, one can even see a sound tortoise that is discharged back into the ocean.

The Million Dollar Point, in Luganville, Espiritu Santo, is a place you definitely want to go while in Vanuatu, especially if you enjoy scuba than I. It has the most gorgeous, colorful marine life I have ever seen and crystalline water you have to see to believe.

At first it felt a little creepy, but overall it really is a noteworthy one. Far away from the tourist hotspots we found our own paradise on the private isle of Ratua. This secluded and secluded place enchanted us with its simple, beautiful and charming nature.

Get the most out of this scenic part of Vanuatu and ride a horse across the flat water on the beach as you ride into the dawn - a sensational adventure, to say the least. Enjoy a full immersion in the lives of the local people and stop at the bustling Port Vila fair, which is central and full of all kinds of refreshing products.

When you arrive at the fair, welcome the cheerful native ladies in their colorful isle dress and present their varied products to you. Vanuatu is the meeting point and meeting place in Vanuatu. Deeply anchored in Ni Vanuatu civilization, they can be found all over the Caribbean Islands and are ideal for convivial get-togethers - there are no foreigners in a Kawa pub.

The beautiful and beautiful Aore is a brief cruise from the shore and should be on every traveler's docket. It is the perfect place to explore and experience the incredible vegetation, beginning with a visit to a farm. If you feel a thirst during the Vanuatu Glacier Trek, simply prune a grapevine and have some wine while looking at the over 200 year old giant bankanas.

This is an insular adventure no more realistic than this!

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