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The Costa Maya and Mahahual are the new favourite holiday destinations on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. A coastal city holiday destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Tourist information and guide to Mahahual~Majahual Mexico. The Mahahual is a village on the Costa Maya in the municipality of Othon P. Blanco on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Visit Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and experience the diversity of the region.

The Costa Maya and Mahahual are the new favourite holiday destinations on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

The Costa Maya and Mahahual are the new favourite holiday destinations on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. The Mahahual is the hidden jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula. Situated to the southern end of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, this small fishermen' town on the wonderful Caribbean Sea has sandy beach and a temperature of 78-85F every single year.

From Cancun International Airport, the trip to Mahahual is simple with a scenic motorway. On the way there are many lovely sights, among them the historical remains of Tulum and Coba. Arriving at the Costa Maya on a cruiser, you were encourage to make an organised trip instead of doing your own thing.

We recommend to go directly through the touristy stores at the harbour, take a cab outside and in 5 min and at the price of $2 per US per capita you will reach Maahual. Notice: The cruiseships will tell you that mahahahual isn't secure. mahahual is very secure - go enjoy! Go!

" It' t really Paris has come a long way to get away from the masses of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum and experience the beautiful nature and genuine atmosphere of this picturesque city. Vermahual has small hotel in the centre of the city and luxury holiday homes on its remote beach. Many places are in Maahual and on the Costa Maya.

Between Tulum and Xcalak, the coast is a discovery area. Leave the city centre of Mahahual and drive into the heart of the mainland. Chacchoben's Chacchoben remains are very near the city of Limones, with the Kohunlich and Dzibanche remains in the southern part. Visit us in mahahahual, enjoying your days on the beaches.

It is too far to go on foot, and taxis are everywhere in the city to quickly and easily return to the boats. One of the most popular places in Mexico is when it comes to looking for a beautiful place to eat on the water. Simply unwind and enjoy! The area of Payahual and the Costa Maya has many alternative to the tall all-inclusive resort that line the shores of Cancun and Play del Carmen.

Accommodation in Mahahual ranges from camp and shop hotel to luxurious mansions. The way most people get to Cancun International is by flying directly from most US towns to take the completely new and upgraded road to the city. At the end of the journey, the journey takes 1.5 hour to reach Maahual.

Mahahual can be reached from your boat in two ways. Shuttle buses are easy to find, but it takes much longer before you get to the city centre because of the many bus stations. Whatever you take, you'll want to get off near the city-centre. There you can get off and drive a road to the shore.

You can go right or turn right to see all the local amenities, eateries, bars as well as stores. The Mahahual is an enjoyable and simple ride from Cancun Airport. Next, you go back to your room and checkout. Next, make the quick trip to Tulum (about 15 minutes) from Akumal and come to the food mall.

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