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On this page you will find answers to all your Vanuatu questions before your trip. From swimming in a natural blue hole to standing on the edge of a living volcano, Vanuatu offers a world of adventure and discovery. Keep safe ? Vanuatu is well positioned for tourism.

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Arrival from: Arrival from: Which flights would you like information about? Where are you going? Which are your reservation dates? Which are your flights? What is the best season to see Vanuatu? In order to help you in planning your Vanuatu travel, the following pages can help you to find answers to some of your queries before embarking on a voyage of exploration to Vanuatu.

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Yes, the ferry boats between the islands are known to be untrustworthy, run too "flexible" timetables and are not even very inexpensive from what I have seen. You' ve only got two in Vanuatu. I' d say spending a little more and flying to and from Santo. It' a wonderful place (we're going back to Santo in August for our fifth trip since 2011, can't get enough of it!) and you can get a pretty good living by staying in the bungalow and eating regional cuisine.

As an alternative, there are many northern Efate islets, which are easily accessible by public transportation. Here too, the cost and enjoyment of the cabins is low. It' a little like camp, but with firm sides and rooftops (mostly.....) You'll also be spending quality lodging with the people. In my view the best of all.

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Woman travel Vanuatu - doable and/or secure? Hey Hi Hiraeth, you have already given some good advices from frequent travellers to Vanuatu, so you are in good hands. Hi Hi Hi Hiraeth. I' ve just come back from my eighth journey to Vanuatu, where I travelled as a one-woman and also as a lone mother and part of a family.

I' ve remained on Efate, in Port Vila and on the other side of the isle, also Nguna, Pele, Emao and Tanna Iceland (one flying lesson away from PV), the other smaller isles are near and highly accesible and full of beautiful humans. It is quite simple to move around on the Efate Isle, where Port Vila is located.

There' s more busses than you can think of and they will take you anywhere in the city for 150 Vatu or a little further out for 300 Vatu. When you choose Nguna, Pele or Emau, the means of transportation that take you to the pier for the boat ride are only 500 Vatu and so simple to use.

After that the shuttle is another 500 Vatu. These transports run every single working days except Sunday. Obviously, the further you get from Port Vila, the better you have to organize the transportation, but here too I never had a proble. As soon as you are in your town, you only need to return to the Aiport.

When you have to go back to the city, you will use the same transportation the people use. In Vanuatu petrol is prohibitively pricey and has to be payed by the price of the ticket, whether in a minibus, cab or on the back of a lorry. Seems whenever I leave, someone has or knows a room or a guest house in a city.

Make sure where their town is first though, you could maybe end up anywhere.....half jokes. This means that the area is safe and taboo for the locals to go fishing, and each of the villages has members who review the site and gather to debate trends. Some of the people in the villages do garden corals and rejuvenate.

The Jabsina Guesthouse is located near Port Vila. There is also a shop on the Port Vila highway in case everything else goes wrong. The price of a bungalow is about 3500 Vatu per night, per group. This includes all your meal arrangements.

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