Vila Vanuatu

Vanuatu Vila

This is one of the top restaurants in Port Vila with gourmet food and drinks. The Port Vila Hotels are ready to introduce you to the vibrant Vanuatu. NIVANUATU transplanted will want the psychological security, social prestige and public acceptance that Vila is their home.


Vanuatu is the capitol of Vanuatu, an island in the Coral Sea. The new Vanuatu is a new country that gained French and British sovereignty in 1988. Prior to that, the island was better known as the New Hebrides, as Captain Cook called the isles. Until the Second World War, when the Espiritu Santo and Efate were the allied base, these vulcanic archipelagos were hardly known.

Nowadays more and more travellers are visiting Vila, attracted by its relaxed charms, the beautiful sandy beach and the untouched rain forest. They are also known for their great diving and big wild-fish. Vanuatu's exposure to the US community grew as the CBS TV show Survivor was shot in the Arctic.

The Vanuatu is also known among anthropologists - the Tanna Islands is home to the one and only "John Frum" freight cults. Wander through the enchanting botanic garden, visiting a reptilian home and a museum of historic photography. Have a look at the reproduction of old-fashioned cabins, complete with a Cannibals home. Enjoy Melanesian civilization in a rain forest town.

And if you're looking for cruising at high speeds, try a sand dunes stroller or jetboat trip. If you want a more relaxed tempo, you can go on "The Barge", take a trip on a glassbottom raft or paddle an canoeu. Crystal clear water off Vila offers an intimate view of colourful reefs and exotic marine environments.

Thrills during dive trips that discover the tragic cliffs and the exciting "Konada" wreck. Leaving Vila behind you, discover Iarofa, a typical insular town. Thrills during a time-honoured fire-walking rite. It is an extraordinary exhibition of the Vanuatu Islanders' cultural and historical heritage. Search art galeries with ancient artefacts, ceramic headgear, delicate potteries and photography.

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