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Booking cheap trips with discount holidays, hotels, flights, cars, cruises. You can save a lot of money on tours, group trips, use our Vanuatu travel planner to see the best Vanuatu attractions. Vanuatu holiday home availability and prices are good.


Vanuatu holidays includes airfare (unless otherwise stated), airline transfer, accommodation and tailor-made itineraries for each route. Optionally you can customise your trip with trips, transfer and funny activity to give it even more value when you are prepared to go to Vanuatu.

Should you have any queries or require assistance, please contact one of our agencies who will be pleased to help you with your Vanuatu trip or help you with your queries. Fly first to Port Vila on Vanuatu. Relax for two full day in peace and quiet and perhaps take advantage of our optionals.

You' ll have two full day holidays to unwind on the pristine beaches, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the resort or take advantage of our range of options. Back to Apia by boat and flight to Nadi, Fiji, where you spend three night with plenty of relaxing hours on the pristine beaches. So you can take a trip to the garden of the dormant giants before you go back to the USA.

From $3675, flight included, with guarantee flights every week. Make a 7-day journey and explore the Vanuatu Isles. Begin in Port Vila, where you will learn about the story and life style of this isle. Continue on to Tanna, where you take a four-wheel driven tour to explore the Yasur Vulcano and enjoy local cuisine.

You will then be transferred to Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu's biggest isle, where you can take advantage of resorts or just unwind on the water. After all, you return to Port Vila for one overnight stay before you return to the USA. From $4020, inclusive aeroplane, with daily departure guarantees.

Houses & Holiday homes in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is situated in the South Pacific and is a true paradise. Travellers will find unspoilt indigenous tribes, countless seaside and resort destinations and impressive nature features such as vulcanoes, cliffs and falls on the region's 83 islets. Vanuatu offers many opportunities to enjoy nature, among them canoeing, biking, angling, snorkeling, yachting and canoeing.

Sailing through a chilly rain forest with luscious and extravagant green, this range of cliff spools is a unique experience. On top of this trail is the stunning waterfall that flows more than 50 metres down to the underlying crags. A visitor can buy a shore mounted impermeable card, send their embassy and then plunge into the sea to have it shipped.

Excellent harbour vistas and water miracles can be seen along the cove to the Pacific Ocean, from where you can look back and see the stunning sandy shores, tropical forest and hills of the isle. Holiday rental is a great way to make the most of your stay whether you are on a Vanuatu holiday, a holiday with your whole family, or a holiday with your group.

Hire a luxurious beach front mansion or a remote rain forest cottage for your next holiday in Vanuatu and unwind in stylish fashion.

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