Kadavu Resort Restaurant

The Kadavu Resort Restaurant

The most important restaurants and bars of the hotel are Ottupura, Zirkon, Royal Afghan (soon to open), Garam and WelcomCafe Malabar (soon to open). View restaurants around Kadavu Resort Calicut and find restaurants, dhabas, fast food, local dishes, cafes, pubs, pizzas and more near Kadavu Resort Calicut on a map. Oottupura main restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner à la carte. Pairs and families can enjoy the various boating options and multi cuisine restaurants. The R P Group Hotel & Resort in Mathilil, Kollam offers The Raviz Kadavu -oottupura, restaurants booking service, dining.

Raviz Kadavu Hotel in Calicut

Kadavu, a luxury residential and commercial property on an extensive 9 hectare site on the side of the Calicut Backwater in Kerala. It is 12 km from the international airports, 4 km from the train stations and less than half a kilometre from the A-road.

At Kadavu you can pamper yourself in one of the 17 separate cabins or choose from 57 elegant rooms or suite. Oottupura - the specialty restaurants, Maikhana - the coctail lounges, Uru - the multiple food restaurants, Olappura - the coffeeshop, Kadavu Kabab Course and Oyster Bars.

The bathroom is en-suite with warm and chilled flowing tapas. It effortlessly combines contemporary comfort with Malabar's tradition. ISD/STD, mini refrigerator (suites and cottages), are also available. In order to increase the enjoyment of your stay at Kadavu Resort, take a return trip on a houseboat of your choice, stroll through the calm, chilly sea and enjoy a cheerful moment.

You' ll enjoy the best Malabar delicatessen and will sit in the best equipped rooms.

Raviz Kadavu -oottupura, Restaurants Booking Service - R P Group Hotel & Resort, Kollam

Oottupura is your first port of call if you are looking for more than just a Malabar establishment. In Malabar you will find breathtaking scenery, tasty meals, great value for your money, an amazing ambience and not to mention the great wait! At Kadavu Resort we are proud to present the new a la carte meal, where we believe everyone should be able to savour the good Malabar cooking, made with the best of the best materials and cooked with great attention to detail and aplomb.

Collam is a nice village on Lake Ashtamudi, 71 km from Trivandrum, the mainland of Kerala. It is located in the lower part of the country in the southwest. It is bordered to the east by the state of Tamil Nadu, to the north by Pathanamthitta, to the east by Trivandrum and to the east by the vast Laksadweep Isles of the Arabian Sea, and is linked to the remainder of the state by continual highways.

It is located between Lake Ashtamudi and the Arabian Sea. Wellcome to Raviz, Lake Ashtamudi. Specially designed for the demanding, the Raviz skilfully blends historical ambiance with contemporary luxury.

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