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Daytime in Guam

Sunset and sunrise, day length in Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village, Guam. Actual date in Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village: The judiciary of Guam Holidays and Hours. Take time on Labour Day to pay tribute to the workers' achievements. Salvage cars are collected twice a month on the same day as the waste.

Guam Itinerary (Pacific U.S. Island) 2018

And Guam was never on our initial itinerary. However, thanks to a convenient stopover (read more about how we made this stopover and planed our journey here) on our Palau-China journey, we have chosen to put it on our journey. Though we only had 12 hrs to discover the Isle of Guam, it is small enough to discover a great deal of land.

That' s why we wanted to split our route with you so you could make the most of your stay or your brief journey to Guam. You will see below that our route is for about 1 day in Guam (about 8-12 hours). From 5:00 to 17:00 we were in Guam, and this route spent most of the time there.

Of course you can adapt these to your estimated time of your visit and the duration of your visit. While we are going through the route, we will also provide alternative options for some of the stations if our proposal does not fit your needs. At the bottom we have some additional options to prolong your sojourn in Guam or beyond.

Will Guam be assaulted by North Korea? Isle of Guam and US territories in the Pacific. It' nearer to Australia and Asia than the continental United States (it would take 19 hrs to get from New York)! Where America`s Day Begins, Guam is proud to be 15-18 hrs off the coast.

APPOINTMENT: Guam is an US state. So if you need a visas to travel to mainland America, you also need a visas to travel to Guam (it is the same visa). The Guam is a country that has a temperate rainforest, so every season is a good time to go.

Will Guam be assaulted by North Korea? Unfortunately we only had one stopover, so we only had 12 lessons in Guam. If you wanted to be here a little longer, there'd be a lot to do. Guam is a great place to explore the islands, go on adventures or hike for a few nights.

In our travel planner here we explained that we have succeeded in including Guam as a 12-hour stopover between Palau and China. When driving directly, remember that it can sometimes be simpler to travel to one of the neighbouring Asia and buy a trip to Guam from there.

Here is a view of the flying time from Guam to its neighbours: It is not possible to take a boat from a neighbouring isle to Guam, but occasional stops are made by ferries (and this route is ideal for those who only have one day time!). There are few and far between Guam and other major towns.

So if you want to maximise your time and get the most out of your day (and make sure you don't miss your connection flight!), you definitely need to hire a vehicle. From Priceline.com we hired a 24 hour vehicle for only $25 US. Watch how to use Priceline and find out how to get a lot on your Guam hire vehicle with our 5 best and lowest priced sites to hire automobiles from.

Since our 17:00 flying, we haven't spent the evening in Guam at all. However, if you are planning a longer trip or if you are planning to sleep in Guam, you will probably want to live near Hagåtña, Guam's main city, or Tumon/Tamuning, Guam's tourist centre. Being in one of these places will make you so centrally located that you can maximise your time on the Isle.

They will also take you near the airfield so that you can get on your next day's outing. Unfortunately, there are not many cheap accommodations in Guam. You can also try an Airbnb for your sojourn. P.S.: If you spend the evening in Guam on a Wednesday, don't miss the Chamorro Nightshow in the centre of Hagåtña!

There'?s a great deal you can do even if you only have one day in Guam. Here is a view of the card of our suggested 12-hour route with 8 stops: This route could take the whole day. In between all our stations this route probably took more than 10 hrs..... but that was exactly what worked for us!

Another thing to note is that our route was influenced by the time we were there. Arriving in Guam very early in the mornings ('5:00) before most things were open, so the first thing we did was to meet places we knew they didn't have any time.

TIP: Also with our route and maps here, you will want to get a detailled road plan at the airports or at the rent ave. When you have left a handbag, remember that you will probably have to collect it, even if you only have one stay in Guam.

When checking in for your trip, ask your companion to verify. Start your time in Hagåtña in the village of Chamorro (it should be written on every card you have). Five-hour or so to finish the tour. They can take a few lessons or so, as the parc is very large and has many open air areas to discover (Asan Bay Overlook, Piti Guns Unit, Ga'an Point, etc - get more information about each place here).

Outside the garden is open at all times. It is especially important if you only visit Guam on a stopover and have another trip the same eveninga! Visit Gadao's Cave or Gef Pa'go (a Chamorro Cultural Village) near by. You have done any kind of research on things in Guam, you may have come across Talofofo Falls.

Unfortunately, we wasted part of our brief time in Guam riding out there...... it looks like you're winning a lot, you're losing a lot. At this point of our journey we had no more time and we knew that there was still a big stop (stop no. 7) that we wanted to reach.

We' re being asked that if you only have time to do one thing in Guam, it should be the visit to Two Lovers' Point. As we didn't pass through Tumon in the mornings ( (as this route suggested as an alternate to stop #1), the last thing we did was take the road from Tumon back to the auto-rentals.

When you have more time in Guam, you can include these options in your travel plan. Or you can modify our 12-hour route with some of the below listed sightseeing itineraries. Rather than concentrating most of our time to the southward (as we did), you can also go north: PLEASE NOTE: The visit to Ritidian Point is free, but has slightly restricted opening time.

Walking (or "boonie stomping" as it is known in Guam) is abundant on Guam. And, of course, if you are interested in the beach, Guam will offer you more than enough to do. You will find beautiful shores all over the islands, but some of the more popular ones are Gun Beach, Tanguisson Beach, Gab Gab Beach and Taga'chang Beach (if you want to observe the sun rise, we have been advised that Taga'chang Beach is one of the best places!

Due to the Pacific position of the Isle of Guam, Guam is a convenient stopover between many sites in Oceania and Asia. On the Palau-China flight, we used Guam as the hub. So if you want to prolong your journey before or after Guam, there are many places you can reach with ease.

We have a great deal to do, so here are a few last hints to make sure you have a good journey to Guam! They can prolong your sojourn. Would you like to spend more than 12 hrs or 1 day in Guam? Take a look at a several day stop. As Guam is not a cheap traveler' s paradise, cheap accommodations sell out quickly.

Anybody out there planing a ride to Guam? Have you been there before and have something to say? Do you plan your next journey? Do not want to get bogged down and pay a metric ton and ruin your journey if you fall ill or have an injury without your health insurer.

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