How do you get to Fiji

Where are you going to Fiji?

Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji may seem far away, but it is easy to get here. Consider a trip to the Fiji Islands, but are you afraid of a long boat trip from the big airport where your plane lands to your exclusive Fiji resorts? The islands can be close enough together on a map.

Travel guide to Levuka, Ovalau Island. You can travel to the old capital of Fiji by plane or by bus and ferry.

In Fiji, it can be difficult to fly from the east of the USA.

Fiji can be a killing mission, especially if you're coming from the east coast of the USA. There was a plane from there to Atlanta, a second plane from there to Los Angeles, a five-hour stop, then an 11-hour plane to Nadi, Fiji, followed by a last plane to the small cruiser MV Reef Endeavor in Toveuni.

All this time I only slept five on the way from LAX to Fiji. Which means two nights later..... after my first full moon of sleeping, I feel great and happy to be here. When I make this journey again, I will stop somewhere on the way to or from there.

I stop in San Diego for a few get-togethers on the way home to see my grandkids, and I'm so happy I designed it that way. It is a great place to go (some stop in Fiji on their way to Australia or New Zealand) and it's definitely a place to think about if you want to have a truly exotic time.

The majority of visitors come from Australia or New Zealand, as the trips only last 3-4h. The twin-o-tter from Nadi, the location of the world' s largest airfield, to the northeast of Taveuni took only about an hours and a half, but was a great way to get to know Fiji.

It was gigantic and spoofy, like hills of cream beaten that were injected into unbelievable designs. Before us was a gale, so the flight went westwards, and then we were over the clear sea, where we could see the pattern of greens on the coral cliffs in the blue waters. Riff pattern was almost as beautiful as the cloud.

This was a plane I used to hate to end. After all, we join the MV Reef Endeavor cruiser, which is run by Captain Cook Crus.

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