Heyaboury airport is in Laos, province of Sainyabuli, Keng, village. Select the desired month from the weather station Sayaboury, Laos. The capital is Sayabouly. Have Sayaboury translated into English online and download our free translator now, which you can use anytime for free. Saayaboury in comparison to regional expectations.

The best in Laos!

From Luang Prabang to Sayaboury, we took the shuttle service. When we arrived we were welcomed and brought to the centre - again quite simply. Sweet little hut right at the pond with a little veranda, oh, it was the sky! We' ve learnt so much about the elephant, the elephant and the work in the centre.

It' not just any place for bulls. You' ll hear from all the places on the LP that your trip to Elephantland (or whatever it's called) helps the bulls, well, it's not. Conduct some online research and ask how many lessons a days the bulls carry around the humans in these cages.

Her ECC experiences will be a true glimpse into the life of the saved bulls. Had I had an unforgettable travel to see the elephant, I would have made the special westbound journey.

From the Luang Prabang Mail, Hauptstra├če, our mini van leaves every day at 8 am.

From the Luang Prabang Mail, Hauptstra├če, our mini vans depart every day at 8 am. If you make your reservation with us, the bus will meet you at the pick-up point (post office) and take you directly to the ECC shipyard in Sayboury, where our ferry will take you to the centre.

The pick-up lasts about 2.5 hrs and is part of your accomodation and will return around 2.00 pm on the date of your arrival if you arrive in Luang Prabang at 4.30 pm. If you are flying to Luang Prabang (see, or, or a tourist agency), the quickest and most convenient way is to take our mini -van from there (see above for details).

Sakura is a privately owned firm that operates an Aircon mini van from Vientiane (Sikhai mini van terminal opposite the Sikhai Markt on Supphannuvong Road, past Wattay International and towards RD13 North). The drive to Sayaboury lasts about 6 to 7h. You can be picked up from the coach terminal or a guesthouse in Sayaboury.

When you arrive on your own, follow the Mekong northwards ('past Wattay Ban Sikhay International Station on the left) to the intersection just before Sanakham. The trip to Paklay lasts approx. 3 to 4 hrs, according to traffic situation. In Paklay go further on to the northeast to Sayaboury (another 2 hour drive).

A further possibility is to go to VangVieng (2.5 hours) and then to Kasi. At Kasi turn to your lefthand over the hills to Muang Nan. At Muang Nan turn to your lefthand to Sayaboury. It takes about 5-6 hrs without bus or tram stop. You can be picked up by our mini van from your guest house in Sayaboury, on the way from Luang Prabang.

If you book busses from Sayaboury to your next stop, the vans can take you to the Sayaboury sta.

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