Easter Island Culture

isle of Easter culture

Archeology, ecology and culture (London:. Easter Island is undergoing ecological and cultural change: Archeology, ecology and culture by Jo Anne Van Tilburg Preface by John Mack. The people had time for cultural development.

Journey to Easter Island for 4 nights and explore the culture of Rafa Nui.

The Easter Island is originally named Te pico, Te Henrya or Rafa Nui in the Rapanuiese. The island is only generally known as Easter Island because a Flemish explorer, Jakob Roggeveen, landed on the island on 5 April 1722 at Easter. Situated in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, it is part of Chile, its nearest land point, 3800 km (or 2361 miles) away.

Today about 5035 inhabitants of the island are living on the 163 km² large island. It is still a nature reserve with many interesting histories and the Rapanui culture. It is the ideal way to return home after learning almost everything about this enigmatic place in the Pacific Ocean.

You will have plenty of free walking around the city and discover Hanga Roa, according to your flight schedule. The first full outing on the island is a full days trip through the south-east and north-east coasts.

isle of Easter culture

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Cultures of Easter Island

Rapa Nui Island, Chile'Äî The solid rock carvings (or moai) that cover this secluded island of Polynesia have confused discoverers for hundreds of years. However, these celebrated giants are not the whole history of Rapa Nui. You will work in a unique and attractive setting amidst the hot ocean breeze on the west and north coast of the island of Aôs, looking for pre-historic homes, furnaces, gardens, animal preserves and farmland.

Underneath the huge mai, you will carry out soil survey of home locations and excavate test holes in the garden to record the development of agriculture. These artefacts shed a little bit of insight into the life of the native residents of the town. Or take a trip along the cliffy headland of the island of Aôs or float on a remote shore.

You will be staying in comfortable twin rooms in a residence or small familiy owned hostel in the centre of Hanga Roa, the only city on Easter Island (Rapa Nui). It has a nice lounge, dinning room, backyard and a traditional bath, but power, prop and plumbing are pricey - so you' d better not. You' ll be enjoying the island's rich culinary delights, which include home-cooked fruit and shellfish, but bringing your favourite dishes with you at'?Ñ?Æand?Æand some to share!'?Ñ?Æas Such dishes can be great for the fields and difficult to get on the spot.

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