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Over Easter Island

Vojvodina - The Royal House of Norway Her Majesties the King and Queen paid a visit to Easter Island in the South Pacific during the Easter holidays this year. Thor Heyerdahl, a researcher and researcher from Norway, was one of the main contributors to drawing the world's interest to this island in isolation. Thor Heyerdahl conducted the first serious archeological exploration to the island with the striking, gigantic rock sculptures in the 1950'.

It was under the royal auspices of the then Crown Prince Olav. "It' been an astonishing trip to Easter Island. This island was great. Thor Heyerdahl was there, it was almost without rainbow vegetation or bush. It' s a whole different island now. Things were luxuriant and nice with many trees," said King Harald about his Easter Island trip.

"The King and Queen have long wished to come to Easter Island. "We' d been reading Thor Heyerdahl's Aku-Aku on the outing. Mr Heyerdahl also talked a great deal about Easter Island when we were together. It was like an adventurous experience to sit at the dinner footing with Mr Heyerdahl," said the King.

Das Geheimnis der Osterinsel", released in 1957, was about Thor Heyerdahl's Easter Island adventure. Harald frequently encountered Thor Heyerdahl and described him as an emphatic and persuasive orator. Thord Heyerdahl is still a celebrity on Easter Island. Folks there acknowledge that not everything he said was right, but they are thankful that he drew your island's attention," the king said.

The Easter Island is best known for its rock sculptures known as mai, which are found all over the island, especially along the water. It' amazing to think about how they were moving these sculptures. Looks like they've shut down production of the statue overnight," the king said. Approximately 900 of the island has a statue of Moiah.

Sculptures are up to 20 meters high. One of the most common assumptions is that the sculptures were built in honor of the people' s or important persons' forefathers. Situated in the southeast Pacific, Easter Island is one of the most insulated landmasses in the atlantic. Pitcairn Island, 1 600 kilometers to the east, is the nearest populated area.

The island had about 5 800 residents in 2012 and is under Chilean domination today. Since 1995, Easter Island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On Easter Day 1722, the first Europeans to come to the island were the discoverer and admiral Jacob Roggeveen, who arrived on the island with three naves - hence the name Easter Island.

There were 3,000 to 4,000 inhabitants on the island at that age. It has been known since around 400 AD. Theorizing that Easter Island was inhabited from South America. There is little endorsement of this opinion today, as linguistics and DNA analysis show that Easter Islanders have a shared lineage with other Polish population.

The King and Queen will be present at a feast at the Kon Tiki Museum in Oslo on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of Thor Heyerdahl.

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