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Lahaina Royal Resort selection package for buyers. Saving at your car rental with your Maui condominium from Condominium Rentals Hawaii. Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Oahu. Discover our selection of Hawaii holiday packages. Ydeals Noise-free guide to getting the best deal on cheap flight and hotel vacation packages to Maui from Kelowna.

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The Maui is the second biggest of the 8 major Hawaiian isles. Maui is known as the valley isle and is adorned with picturesque hillsides and varied scenery. Come to Haleakala National Park to enjoy the views from the highest top of the archipelago and enjoy your adventures from the skies! Maui' s beautiful beach has been chosen as one of the best in the whole wide area.

The volcanos of the islands offer both sandy and sandy whitewater shores and the coasts are truly beautiful! For more information about Maui, take a look at our My Hawaii Maui offers!

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Each island is surrounded by beautiful sandy areas, often surrounded by stunning green hills or rock faces dotted with waterfalls. It is one of the undisputed advantages of a holiday in Hawaii and every route is different - from flat pools ideal for snorkeling to Oahu's North Shores surfers hangouts, where the earth trembles while nine meter long crushers smash the coast.

Hawaii's varied cultural life is reflected in the country's languages, musicians, arts, theatres, dances, films, and cuisines. You will find yourself at sundown in Luau on the banks of Hawaii and enjoy the typical ambience. There are many that can be reached by road, among them Maui's renowned road to Hana, but the best reward is by foot.

Maui has several sleeping volcanos, and Oahu's Diamond Head Craters offer magnificent vistas over Waikiki and Honolulu, while an excursion to Maui's high Haleakala to capture the dawn is a unique one. However, Big Island has an energetic Mauna Kilauea and provides the opportunity to see melted volcanic rock flow out into the sea in spectacular fashion.

In addition to the breathtaking landscape, Hawaii has some beautiful, relaxed bathing spots, historical cities and an exhilarating Honolulu city. Big Island's Hilo has centuries-old wood shop windows, stores and places of worship; Maui's Lahaina, an ancient whale-hunting town, is a hotspot for historical monuments; the tranquil Hanalei on Kauai offers art and gallery; and Honolulu has just about everything, marvellous dining, nightlife and more.

It' difficult to do something bad when you're looking for a Hawaiian honeymoon. Located on Waikiki's best beaches, this trip includes a large choice of stores, award-winning dining, fluffy lounge and a luxurious spas delicatessen. Located on Waikiki Beaches, Outrigger Waikiki provides rooms with a choice of amazing stores and five dining outhouses.

Fairmont Orchidee has guest rooms with their own landai, a full-service open-air massage spas and a wide range of restaurants from which to watch the sundown. Situated in a charming Hwaiian style resort with a restaurant overlooking the sea, the Mandara Spas, open-air baths, snorkelling and sundown sail and 36 hole mastery windsurf.

The Sheraton Kauai Resort is the ultimative meeting point with a wonderful view of Poipu Beach and the first break surf spot. Be it sunbathing in Honolulu, hiking through the unspoilt countryside of Kauai or immersing yourself in Polynesia's cultural heritage, Hawaii is a place that will exceed all your dreams.....

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