Why do they call it Easter Island

What do they call it Easter Island?

Temples (ahu) were built along the coast, where they looked inland to guard the local community. Find out more about these mysterious structures and the island they call home. You say little about a teacher's, school's or system's ability to develop a variety of talents. No liability is accepted for any errors. There are wild chickens all over Hawaii, but how did they get there?

What is there more than one place called'Christmas Island'?

During the exploratory era, it was customary for Europeans to name geographical characteristics in honour of the date on which they were first seen. The Easter Island was first explored by a Netherlandish sailor on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722. St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest American continent in Europe, was established after a sighting of countryside on August 28th, the holiday of St. Augustine.

Had the Spaniards arrived just a single morning early, the town could still be St. Margaret the Barefoot. Christmas Island is best in November. Two of the most evident December finds in the world have the same name: Christmas Island. The Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, just South of Java, is an area of Australia.

The small, dog-shaped island was designated by an British naval commander on Christmas day 1643. Nowadays it is a luxuriant holiday resort off the main trails, famous for its caverns and coves. Usually this happens in October or November - a little earlier at Christmas. Christmas Island is best in January. There is also a Christmas Island in the Pacific that Capt. Cook attended on Christmas Eve 1777.

Kiritimati was formally relocated in 1995 to make it one of the first populated places on the planet to commemorate the New Year every January 1st - a little bit later than Christmas. Canadian Christmas Island was not a Christmas find.

One place named "Christmas Island" should be a stop-motion miracle land of marsh mallows and sugar sticks and train toys, right? Probably the most solemn Christmas Island is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - actually a small island and not an island. It is much more snowy than the tropic Christmas islands, and every December the mail becomes Santa Claus' shop when every year, tens of thousand of postcards come in from gatherers looking for the city's unmistakable red-green ilex.

But, unfortunately, the town was not established on Christmas day. The name was given to a native Mi'kmaq familiy who used "Christmas" as their name. A few Christmas breakthroughs get more imaginative labels. Natal " is the Portugese name for Christmas, so there are a few places that have been found in Portugal called Natal: a large Brasilian town, which was established on 25 December 1599, and a South African area that was spotted by Vasco da Gama in 1497.

In 1741 a group of Moravian Protestants established a new missions in the east of Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve 1741. You named it Bethlehem. It was a centre of iron for centuries, but it has also tried to stigmatise itself as a Christmas target, with a huge badge that shines all year round from a hill just outside the city.

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