Images of Molokai Hawaii

Pictures of Molokai Hawaii

A wave photo at Papohaku Beach, West End, Molokai, Hawaii by Richard Cooke III. Photo Wave at Papohaku Beach, West End, Molokai, HawaiiRichard Cooke III. Molokai, the legendary birthplace of Hula, "the heartbeat of Hawaii", is a refuge for the spirit, an untouched and wild place. One day to explore Molokai, Hawaii's beautiful leper colony.

Hawaii's total beauties can only be seen from above.

Hawaii's total beauties can only be seen from above. That' s why we spent so much heavenly space capturing and sharing this beautiful Hawaii among us. This is the biggest compilation of recent air photos of the Hawaii islands.

Should you not find what you are looking for among the more than 10,000 photographs currently on our website, please do not hesitate to do so! Whale Whales Whales Whales! Air photo jobs: With an aeroplane or chopper we can go to any object and take pictures.

All we need from you is a way to find the country you want us to photograph. As soon as you have given us this information, we will use our maps to locate them and await the next sunshine for you.

Costs for the allocation of a separate home in West Hawaii are $450.00. In addition, you will get an 8x10 printout of the picture that best suits your needs, forms with all the other pictures we took during your trip and a CD with all the same pictures in a low-resolution JPEG-file.

This smaller images are suited for use on the Internet. You can order additional magnifications of the other pictures by e-mail. A Piper Cherokee 160 from which we take most of our airspaces. We use Robinson 22 helidecks, which have been hired by Mauna Loa helicoopters, for missions that require a very low flight height or filming.

Have you got a driver and photo artist with you for every job? No. Brian does the aviation and the photograph. "Go with one arm, fire with the other and hold your skull in the cockpit," says Brian. The safe flight of an aircraft while writing and photographing requires a lot of exercise and dexterity in both areas.

So how did you take all the pictures of the district isle? To fly counter-clockwise around each of the Hawaii islands took us a fifteen day and 34 hour period. A click on a photograph every two to three seconds resulted in 7,500 images showing every centimetre of the whole coast line of the Hawaii islands in detail.

Photographs were taken with a Nikon D200 Pro Photographer attached to a GPS device. As a result, we have very high-resolution images that contain exact latitude, longitude and timing information in each photo. Once we have contacted you for a job, how soon can we count on taking the pictures?

As soon as we have received an order, we try to try to get the sky clear the next morning. Luckily, the clear sky is the norm here in Hawaii, not the exception, so we should be able to get your pictures in just a few business hours. How high do you take your pictures?

From our aircraft we can fire at any height between 500 and 14,500ft. Do you mind if we take a ride with Brian? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs in the field of aviation imaging.

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